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Intuitive Wellness Virtual Group: Grow Love, Self & Health

Stop Starving to Receive: 

Health, Mental Wellness & Weight Loss are side-effects: Heal Your Spirit, Free Your Body. 

Diets do not seem to work or last long and creating new healthy habits is not easy. Controlling or "policing" yourself feels invalidating and exhausting. Trying to cover up anxiety or depression with being "Super Positive" isn't necessarily sustainable or effective at the root cause level. All the efforts you have put into approaches that have failed you or 1-size for all systems that you can't follow is frustrating to devastating.  I know you have tried lots of things in the past and still have real needs and desires; I know because I understand as I have been there repeatedly. It wasn't until I learned to understand the power of Receiving from a deep energetic subconscious level that I could really start to move forward. 

If you want to explore learning about the potential of how your body/spirit relationship holds keys to getting relief from pain, anxiety, poor focus, bad health, lack of love and more then this group is the place to come. 

Each meeting will explore a different aspect to receiving greater more with health, mental wellness, love, purpose and more. Health and wellness are side effects to being able to deeply intrinsically receive. No matter what you have been through, childhood trauma, loss, rejection, failure, etc. it doesn't matter. Blocks in guilt, shame, grief, and more can be shifted. 

This group explores concepts on how to work with your body and health goals from an Intuitive Approach to create change and a better body relationship from the subconscious outward.  In this group, there is the opportunity to feel community in a safe space. 

This is not a group therapy/talk group therapy and I am not a doctor/licensed therapist. I am a powerful energy healer, teacher and coach. Attendees are encouraged to learn and ask questions. Offering advice, "shoulding", "reading", counseling or directing other participants is not permitted.  

Meetings are FREE and donations accepted.

♡ Instructor: Rev. Trella Davis, MBA of  

The instructor's presentation portion will be videoed for the private use of the instructor, no attendees will be filmed directly unless permission is granted.

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