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What we’re about

(If you don't know what slash is or don't understand the terms below, this group is not for you.)

I couldn't find a meetup group for slash fans in the area, so I started one! If you like the female-friendly fandom spaces of LJ, AO3, DW, tumblr, are excited for Yuletide, etc, please join us! (Even if all you read is gen, no worries.) We tend to have low key cafe and movie meetups, as well as tv nights. Feel free to suggest an event or location!

Quick 2021 note: We haven't had meetups anytime lately due to COVID, but know that we're mostly all still here, and hopefully when things are calmer we'll have some meetups again.

Other groups of interest (and I've been to their meetings and they were nice):

Some people kindly told me about the San Francisco Bay Area Slashers (SFBAS) yahoo group. They have meetings at rotating locations in the Bay Area every other month or so, and tend to have more events in the South Bay area. The ML is members-only (so you'll need to join) and can be found at

Into yaoi/anime/manga? Check out the Yaoi Meetup group! (

Slashy cons: