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What we’re about

What the Club Is

Do the terms IRA, Roth, 401, vesting, and match confuse you? Come to our club. We all know we're supposed to invest so that we can retire one day, but sometimes putting away the money gets away from us. It's going to be OK. You can save money for retirement, even if you started falling behind.

This club focuses on educating investors on trends and tips on investing through a variety of different exercises. The goal of the club is that members learn enough about investing to manage their own investment portfolios.

Who should join the group? Though there is some emphasis on saving for retirement for those who have a shorter investment horizon, the group is open to anyone who is interested in investing. We'll go over investing terms and strategies and discuss how to determine your risk tolerance and how to invest for your risk tolerance.

What the Club Isn't

We do not provide stock tips for members to day trade stocks. (This group is not affiliated with, nor does it endorse any brokerage.) While there is some discussion of stocks, there is less of an emphasis on teaching members to pick the perfect stock. Given the group's charter and the fact that Individual stocks are very volatile, members are encouraged to trade in the stock arena more with mutual funds and EFTs.

Hope to see you at our next meeting!

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