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Our newly updated So-Cal Real Estate Investors group will share the latest real estate trends and up to date statistics, distressed property deals, and creative investment opportunities around the Southern California region and nation. You'll learn ways to creatively buy and flip properties for both residential and commercial real estate properties and how to find new listings for real estate licensees. Our new URL is as follows: https://www.meetup.com/so-cal-real-estate/

You'll also learn about the following key points:
* how to find delinquent mortgage properties;
* foreclosure auction sales;
* creative ways to postpone evictions as a tenant and foreclosures if you're an owner;
* refinancing out of a forbearance, loan modification, or pre-foreclosure property;
* unpaid property tax deed sales in California;
* tax lien certificates in Arizona, Colorado, Florida, and other states;
* cash subject-to the seller's existing mortgage acquisitions;
* seller-financing (land contracts/contracts for deeds and all-inclusive trust deeds or AITDs - Seller-Financed Properties );
* boosting your FICO credit scores sooner rather than later;
* learning about new 2023 FICO credit score changes which can either help or harm your scores;
* eliminating negative debt holding you back;
* short sales which will become much more common in 2023 and beyond;
* option assignments or wholesaling;
* funding short-term and long-term rental purchases with break-even or negative cash flow;
* bridge financing with two or more properties;
* how to buy and sell income streams off of real estate notes or trust deeds;
* social media marketing techniques to buy and sell your properties;
* how to purchase homes with no money down even if you're a first-time home buyer with lower FICO credit scores;
* buying homes with down payment assistance grants that can later be eliminated for 100% loan-to-value purchases;
* identifying nearby VA and FHA foreclosures;
* selling properties while reducing tax obligations by way of the 1031 tax-deferred exchange (Napkin test: "up in debt, up in equity, up in value");
* understanding how your assets can quickly double in value using the Rule of 72 techniques;
* accelerating mortgage payoffs to create free-and-clear properties by eliminating 10 to 20 years from your mortgage with biweekly payments and additional minimal principal paydowns;
* legally earning significant finder's fees without holding an active real estate or mortgage license;
* the most effective strategies to qualify for a new real estate license; and
* strategies that will help you assign for huge profits or refinance lease-options and other types of unrecorded transactions. We'll also share ways how to find the equity and/or mortgage money needed to acquire these discounted properties.

About the new Meetup group organizer as of December 22, 2022 named Rick Tobin:
I've created entire real estate courses and college textbooks (residential and commercial real estate, legal, and mortgage topics) for some of the best-known real estate schools and educational firms in the state and nation (30+ states), including the Top 2 largest real estate educational firms in America named Colibri/McKissock (Allied Real Estate School, Real Estate Express, and Learn Mortgage are also under their corporate umbrella) and Kaplan/Pearson (best known for their high school and college textbooks - I wrote their Credit course in 2022); the first online California real estate school; and the oldest real estate school in California named Lumbleau.

I've bought and sold numerous properties in multiple states; assisted with the development of thousands of new housing units; and provided several hundred million dollars' worth of capital to clients across the nation for both residential and commercial properties. I've held eight different real estate broker, securities, and mortgage licenses throughout my career. I'm also a graduate of the University of Southern California.

Between 1998 and 2008, I was the most published author for AD Kessler's Creative Real Estate Magazine. For the May 2006 cover story, the same national publication featured me on the cover under the heading of A Creative Financier for their main story that month. This publication was one of the most famous national real estate publications in America over the past 50 years. I used to be interviewed on the Creative Real Estate television and radio shows as well as taught students how to buy and flip properties across the nation.

Several hundred of my articles have appeared for a few decades in Creative Real Estate Online (I was their most published author for at least five years; CRE Online, which is not affiliated with Creative Real Estate Magazine, was generally considered as one of the top real estate investing websites in America for many years -  www.creonline.com), REI Wealth Monthly, the REI (Real Estate Investing) Club website (www.reiclub.com), Realty 411 Magazine (http://www.realty411.com - I've been their most published author for the past few years), Think Realty https://thinkrealty.com/, and in The Scotsman Guide (www.scotsmanguide.com - this has been ranked as the #1 most read mortgage publication in America).

Here are some of my past articles shared in national publications:
Positive and Negative Housing Trends for 2023 (published January 18, 2023)

Underwater Homes and Short Sale Solutions (published December 12, 2022)

The Next 7-Year Housing Cycle (published December 8, 2022)

Simplifying and Automating Commercial Mortgages (published October 5, 2022)

Converting Home Equity to Cash (published: September 2, 2022)

Short-Term Rentals and DSCR Loans (published April 5, 2022)

Forbearance Bailouts and Refinances (published December 23, 2021)

California's Gold Rush for Valuable Land (published May 21, 2021)

Homeowners' Financial Solutions for 2021 and Beyond (published December 18, 2020)

Vacation Rental Investment Opportunities (published July 2, 2020)

To learn more details, please visit Rick's website at www.realloans.com and Facebook business page at https://www.facebook.com/realloans.info. Rick is also a member of the Trusted Business Partners' Canyon Lake All-Stars group: https://trustedbusinesspartners.wildapricot.org/Canyon-Lake-Tues-Breakfast-All-Stars

Our group will meet online and in person at possible locations like Canyon Lake Golf Club in the near future. We want this group to also be a business networking group where we can all learn from each other and refer real estate deals and new clients to one another.

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