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What we’re about

We are all technology enthusiasts here and we believe in the power of teams and group experience. SOBA aims to cultivate and grow the number of online business owners in Singapore and provide a common place for online business owners to grow and network with one another.

Join now. Be a member of SOBA and interact with like minded friends!

We organise talks and seminars with speakers who are online businessmen, veteran internet marketer, venture capitalists, angel investors and more. There will also be showcases of the latest, most exciting stuff about the online world, be it a new business idea from our members, the latest web technology or the wonderful insights of professional SEO.

We do not discriminate against men/female, young/old, rich/poor, experienced/newbie etc. All are welcomed to join. Furthermore, unlike certain meetup groups, we don't do side deals with cafe owners, event organisers etc. All our meetup events are held in-house in our office or in our partners office with no profit agenda.

Join now and you get the latest information about the online world!

Benefits of joining:

If you are enthusiastic about internet and online businesses, or you are keen to showcase your ideas to get our experienced members to vet, please feel free to suggest a meetup. We welcome all who are willing to share their experiences, ideas and concepts with others, so that the whole online community in Singapore will benefit.

For venture capitalists or angel investors, you are also invited to drop by and take a look. Who knows, you might find the next Google or Facebook this way. The internet business community is booming, and with high profile acquisitions of local startups, the future looks very bright for internet entrepreneurs.

Don't hesitate, join now. You get all these benefits and more!

Want to suggest a meetup? Read all about the guidelines here!