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What we’re about

This is a group for anyone who is currently working as a UI/UX designer or product designer. I’m a product designer working remotely at a startup, and I started this group to meet other designers and hopefully build a community here in SoCal because most of the UX meetups I saw are in the Bay Area.

I’m currently located in Irvine but I’m thinking about organizing in-person meetups at various locations from LA to Orange County to San Diego, depends on where members are at.

Things I'm hoping to accomplish by starting this group:

  • Place where you can meet other designers and develop relationships with each other
  • Place where you can share your thoughts and experience about being a designer and exchange ideas with others
  • Opportunity for working on projects together with other designers

You are welcome to join our group Discord (click HERE) if you have trouble finding the meetup location or if you have good ideas for future meetup events.