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Do you consider yourself to be painfully shy?

Do you always get asked why you're quiet in group settings?

Do you spend time excessively worrying about how to avoid situations where you may have to talk to unfamiliar people (individual/group setting)?

Do you struggle to talk in group settings?

Do you find that people often misunderstand your shyness as being unfriendly or arrogant?

Do you think your anxiety interferes with your daily activities, work and/or relationships?

Do you feel overwhelming sadness that lasts for long periods of time?

Do you deal with feelings of numbness or hopelessness for months at a time?

Do your issues keep you from living a normal and active life?


If you found yourself answering 'YES' to the above questions, then you will fit right in!

Hi and welcome to Social Anxiety Disorder, Depression & Introversion Friends!


We are a meetup support group for people who suffer from social anxiety and/or depression as well as introverts who seek friendship.

If you suffer from social anxiety, the goal is to put ourselves in social situations so we can slowly work towards being comfortable with socialising.

If you need support to cope with your depression, being with others who are also going through a similar condition can help to reduce any feelings of isolation and hopelessness you may have.


People suffering from social anxiety, depression, and other mental disorders such as OCD and GAD. Introverts are welcome as well. If you think this group is what you're looking for, do join us! :)



- Please answer ALL the questions asked when you apply to join! If you leave any blank, or if you provide very brief answers, your request to join will likely be rejected!

- If you don't suffer from SA or depression, please be sensitive and respectful towards others.

- If you find that you have been deleted from the group, do note that it is due to inactivity and/or unanswered profile questions. Feel free to reapply to join if so. :-)


- This group is NOT led by professionals! If you feel the need for or are currently under psychiatric care, please consult a professional.

- This group is NOT a dating, business-networking, or profiteering group! Please join other groups if you such aims in mind.

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