AGHI2 GitLab and with David L. Willson

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What better way to celebrate Star Wars Day than with a little boost to your software freedom?

During this gentle, hands-on introduction to GitLab

We'll create pretend products (probably cheese sandwiches or pies).

We'll create product teams.

We'll iterate on our pretend products so quickly that our BitBucket/GitHub using competition will be driven into financial distress and then we will poach their developers. Muhhahah!

We'll practice the process of creating an Issue, Branch, and Merge Request.

We'll practice updating and committing changes to code.

We'll practice code reviews and merges.

We will gape in awe at the power of GitLab CI. If we're really brave (and fast), we might even touch it a little.

We will end the four-hour session duly impressed by GitLab's comprehensive capabilities and high level of integration between important services.



- Register for an account on
- Authorize a public ssh key on your account and test a push. (recommended)
- Bring your laptop with git and the private key that matches your authorized and tested public key.

Early Sign In Link

A note about the price:

This will normally be a $128 class, but it's half price twice: once because it's a first-run of steaming, new material, fresh from the horse, and again because we think of 1st Saturday as "Software Freedom First Saturday" where we hope the whole world will join is in doing something to increase software freedom.