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What we’re about

- What this group is about and what we'll do at our events
The purpose of this group is to bring together like-minded moderate Republicans and Independents to elect Solomon to Congress.

Solomon has lived in many countries as a minority and knows what it is to be a minority. However, bad policies destroy both sides, the majority, and the minority. From his experience he knows that it is necessary to be equally fair to everyone, if a society and their young, are to succeed, as a rising tide lifts all the boats.

We will meet over Zoom, or at conference rooms, restaurants, and other venues open to us to discuss and celebrate open discussions in a safe and cordial manner.

 - Who should join this group
Join this group if you want to be heard. The basic premise is that we are moderates:
1.      Freedom: Every human has the right to their mind and body.
2.      Environment: We need to get off our fossil fuel addiction.
3.      Law & Order: Young people today, think that defunding the police is great, but wait till they have children, physical and intellectual property. Have they thought about what future they want for their children?
4.      Income/Taxation: Technology is driving us towards Universal Basic Income (Elon Musk, Tesla AI Day) that also implies that taxation will be minimized. Are we ready?

Join this group if you would like to discuss the needs and aspirations of Silicon Valley residents, and what we expect of our Federal government.

Politics can be divisive so personal attacks on past or present Presidents or other political figures will not be tolerated. We stick to cordial discussions of policies that will benefit us and our community.

 - Any member dues or fees
There are no dues or fees to join this group.

- The group's affiliation
At this time, this group is affiliated with the Republican party but we encourage Independents and Democrats to join.

Upcoming events

No upcoming events