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What we’re about

I believe that we all deserve to eat the traditional, good, real bread if we wish to, and with the right guidance you can make it too, right from the first try.

This is a hands-on experience sourdough bread-making workshop and also a wellness session with a doctor that will introduce you to the nutritional benefits of sourdough and share nuggets of nutritional wisdom to help you manage your carb intake.

We will start making your bread together - mixing, kneading, stretching, resting and shaping it. At the end of the workshop we'll enjoy together a wholesome, scrumptious lunch.

The final step - baking will be at your home, where you will enjoy the warmth and the flavors of freshly baked sourdough bread, coming right from your oven.

You will take home a booklet of priceless info, your training sourdough bread and Sophia, the sourdough starter, to continue the sourdough journey at home.

The best part of this journey after the workshop there will also be a support chat group for a week to help you get started your sourdough journey.

After this workshop you can also enjoy the membership to a very friendly and helpful online community, the Sourdough Society, where members share recipes, techniques, tips, ideas to keep you sourdough connected, motivated, and to make your journey enjoyable and enriching lifelong.

Check out my site Sourdough Society for more details: