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What we’re about

We're a fun & friendly group that enjoys a variety of activities. We have regular meetups for going to the beach, hiking, bowling, tennis, volunteering. There are also meetups for softball, working-out, house parties, dancing, happy hours, ice skating, movie nights, kickball, game nights, volleyball, frisbee, eating out, the list goes on and on! Everyone strives to be friendly and welcoming at our events, so you'll have a lot of fun when you come out for an activity. See you out there!

In the spirit of fun and friendship, Please behave respectfully and kindly to each member. Please do not contact other members you have not met or if they do not want you to contact them. You will be subjected to removal.

Attendance Policy:
With your RSVP, please make every effort to make it. Last minute cancellations and no-shows are not permitted. We ask you do make every effort to make events as we want our events to be as fun and attending as possible!

We welcome anyone to be an Event Organizer. If you are interested, please send a private message to Jay.

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