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Soul Vision Dance with Sound Journey
Dance the Earth! Dance the Sky! Dance your Soul! A vision quest through sound and movement like no other! Ewanna and Rodger use shamanic drums and flutes to open portals into the Spirit world, to call in the Creator, Cosmic Family, Ancestors, Animal Spirits and other Light Beings, with whom you connect through rhythmic, organic movement and tribal dance. Whether you need clarity, guidance, purging, forgiveness, or just divine connection, you are invited fully into this sacred, mystical place of all realms combined, to surrender all to the Great Mystery. As you dance with the shamanic drum, flutes, and didgeridoos, parts of your individual identity dissolve, and you go beyond your limited experience of yourself, into a wider and vaster universe. You may embark on a mystical journey, shape-shift, encounter an animal, dance with Beings of Shadow and Light, meet mythological creatures, dance yourself out of fear and grief, release what needs to go, or attend to your inner garden... Each journey is unique, a complex and deeply transformative experience that brings you closer to your Divine essence and Light. PRICE: $25 cash or prepaid through the ticket link What to expect: We gather together to create a sacred and safe space and call in Spirit. You will be guided in a meditation to help connect with the worlds above, below, and within, to relax your mind and allow your heart to open. We start the dance with gentle movement on shamanic flutes, crystal harp, and other gentle instruments. The drums gradually come in with trance rhythms, which take you into a high theta meditative state, a space of relaxed mind and inner free flow, where imagination and creativity thrive, insights happen, and solutions to what seems to be unsolvable arise. Rhythmic, organic movement flows. After about 20 min, the drums switch to shamanic beats, to bring you into a low theta state of consciousness, a much deeper space of meditation in which you are free to travel into the mystic while still maintaining a clear connection with your body. Most will naturally lie down at this point, allowing the journey to unfold and do its magic. Energy and cosmic shamanic work usually happen during this time, facilitated by Ewanna or through interdimensional beings coming in to assist with healing. The shamanic beat interweaves with didgeridoos, crystal bowls, and other sacred instruments. This goes on for about 20 min as well, after which other instruments come and go, with softer vibrations and tones, to wash away what has been released, creating a safe and nurturing space to contain you. Divine flutes keep playing while Ewanna completes the energy healing work and checks on each individual. A tangible portal from much higher dimensions always opens at this point, pouring down pure Light and unconditional Love. Slowly, the sound turns into silence, on which you are invited to rest as much as needed. We will have time at the end for optional sharing and grounding. What to bring: WATER BOTTLE, mat to lie down, blanket, pillow, and anything you need to be comfortable, optional small item for the altar. Please, wear comfortable clothes and layers. Arrive at least 15 min earlier to settle in.

Living Lotus Arts Studio

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This group is an opportunity for anyone looking for inner peace.

Meditating in a group generates tremendous positive energy. When a group of people meet and still their minds together, it helps each individual find his or her own stillness and peace. Therefore, by helping others we learn how we are also ultimately helping ourselves.

This group is about creating community through a variety of meditations so that every member can benefit from relaxation techniques that personally work for them.

We invite you to join us and experience inner peace for yourself!

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