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What we’re about

We are a diverse, inclusive and welcoming group of adults 21+ of any identity dining out at restaurants across the South Shore. Please include your first name a clear profile pic and take a few minutes to answer the profile questions to enable us to easily find you at events, learn a little about you ahead of time, and have some potential convo starters.

The SSDOMG has hosted over 260 events while dining at over 250 restaurants across the south shore since August 2006. Over 1,000 adults have been members of our group with over 200 attending at least 3 events, over 150 attending at least 5 events, and over 40 attending at least 10 events. Many friendships have been formed and favorite restaurants discovered!!!

We broadly define the South Shore as south of Boston along within and abutting Routes 3, 18, 24, and 95 with Route 44 as our 'lower border' for lack of a better term. However, once in awhile we do expand our wings to points further south and southwest. Our Event Descriptions have all the info you need to enable you to join us at the table. Attend an SSDOMG event to eat out for every dining occasion. Discover new restaurants, enjoy delicious meals and make satisfying conversation with friendly dining companions. Please read the Message Boards under the More tab for much more information. We hope you will have fun dining out with us on the South Shore!

If you are interested in joining the SSDOMG, please answer all Profile questions. Upon approval, please log-in and RSVP to any Meetups already scheduled on the calendar. Please be advised that we only approve individuals as we do have members only events. Therefore, couples will be declined and asked to join individually.

Please be sure to read the [About] Pages (and soon to be on the Message Boards under the More tab) as this answers many questions you may have about the SSDOMG!

In order to join the SSDOMG you must have a clear profile photo and a legible name (not a bunch of letters) in order to be approved to join the group. This is so we have a face to put with the name and a name that we can (hopefully) pronounce tp provide a positive welcoming warm and fun experience dining out for all.

Cash Only Policy ~ We have had a Cash Only policy since Day 1 as it's easier to handle the bill. Please be sure to have a couple of bills smaller than $20s. Sometimes a restaurant will provide separate checks, in which case you can use a credit card. Our event fees are $2 payable in cash, small bills (think $1s and $5s) only please.

No Show Policy ~ We like to treat others the way we would like to be treated and expect you to update your RSVP prior to the RSVP Deadline if you are no longer able to attend. It's simple common courtesy. You can read more about our No-Show Policy on our About Pages and soon in the Message Boards under the More tab.

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