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The STACK Community is the growing tech community by GovTech to gather everyone who shares this same excitement about using technology to improve the lives of everyday Singaporeans. Our aim is to collectively build a Smart Nation on the Singapore Government Tech Stack

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About GovTech
GovTech is a part of the Singapore Government’s Smart Nation and Digital Government Group.

We develop new and meaningful digital products for citizens and businesses to elevate our efforts at Tech for Public Good. We are appointed as the lead for digitalisation efforts in the public sector to build long-term tech capabilities.

Past events (42)

STACK Meetup: Inspiring Digital Change [International Women's Day Edition]

Government Technology Agency (GovTech)

STACK Meetup: Managed ML Pipelines for WoG Video Analytics

Government Technology Agency (GovTech)

STACK Meetup: Developing SGTS [Engineering Productivity Series]

Government Technology Agency (GovTech)

Solutioning for Automated Test Data Generation: NPHC

Government Technology Agency (GovTech)