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Welcome Starseeds, Lightworkers, and all positive beings helping Earth and humanity to heal and ascend! You become a starseed when you start to feel and remember your cosmic origins. The history of star people on Earth is ancient with many stories honored by indigenous tribes, and our best galactic friends always worked well with the angels, nature spirits, masters, and other dimensional helpers.

There are Starseed groups around the world; we're based in Raleigh NC. The whole ET/UFO movement has happily grown up as have we. Since the days of dark secrets and full disclosure now, governments now admit there are UFOs, and researchers like Stephen Greere teach methods like CE5 to directly contact and work with your best star peeps. So our meetup is for everyone and more positive than ever!

Our meetup was started by Stephen Cefalo, the artist for UFOlogist Corey Goode (that's why we have permission for the cover art which some people recognize as copyright). Folks met in Stephen's apartment to watch secret space program movies such as Corey's. After Stephen moved to SC in 2020, Sue took over and started a picnic tradition to comply with covid restrictions. In 2023 Carl Schroeder inherited the group to refresh the local Mystic Picnics plus re-invite everyone near and far to join in our fabulous ascension community.

Check out our online meetups for global participation as well as local events if you're near. Our region is on two major ley lines (intersecting at the high energy butte Pilot Mountain) and word is that Raleigh is the next Sedona. We shall see! Certainly archangel Michael is big in our area (he guided me here) and many wonderful lightworkers and resources are already around.

Contact me if you're interested in posting your event, we're promoting all kinds of lightwork these days.

Wherever you are, whatever you do, enjoy and believe in the highest future for our beloved Earth now!

best wishes,
Carl Johann Schroeder

curator for

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