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The purpose of the group is to create an entrepreneurial ecosystem for Vermont, not just in Burlington or bigger cities, but across the state in small towns and mountainous regions. Vermont is unique and special, but it needs a thriving economy in order to preserve its resources and protect the quality of life.

The group would include innovators, creators, entrepreneurs and like-minded people interested in art, technology, science and business to collaborate on creative projects, share tools, learn, teach, make things, prototype new ideas, products and services, start ventures, meet new people and share knowledge.

With the advent of the internet, Vermont is uniquely positioned to allow workers to build their businesses here but reach a broader audience outside the state. And small local businesses can thrive within the state if they have the economic resources, work force, technology and services necessary to grow and remain profitable.

If you are interested in helping to build an entrepreneurial / maker community, join us!

Past events (25)

Startup Brews @ Worthy Burger (SoRo)

Worthy Burger

Startup Brews @ Colatina Exit (Bradford)

Colatina Exit

Startup Brews @ OnTrack (White River Junction, VT)

Needs a location

Startup Brews @ Arnold Block (Bethel, VT)

Arnold Block

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