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What we’re about

StellarPeers brings professionals together to help each other prepare for the toughest product management interview questions so they can land their dream jobs. 
Join us as we work, learn, and practice as a group on how to answer product management interview questions.

• Learn what the product management interview question is about,
• What the interviewer is looking for, and
• How to structure your answer.

Alumni Guest: Alumni guests share their experience and insights on how to nail the product management interview.

Estimation: Learn how to make approximations with little or no actual data.

Execution: Practice solving execution questions like setting goals, framing tradeoffs, defining metrics, and diagnosing problems.

Metrics: Learn how to define and prioritize product metrics.

Product Design: Learn how to approach ambiguous product design questions asked at companies like Facebook and Google.

Strategy: Learn how to approach product strategy questions in a logical and structured way without sounding like you memorized a framework.

• StellarPeers (
• "Cracking the PM Interview" by Gayle Laakmann McDowell and Jackie Bavaro
• "Decode and Conquer" by Lewis C. Lin

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