• sthlm.js #54 at Developers Bay

    Developers Bay

    We're excited to announce sthlm.js #54 that we're organizing together with our friends at Developers Bay (https://developersbay.se/)! 🚀 Schedule: 🌯 18:00 - Doors open, food and drinks ✍️😱 18.30 - Talk #1 Text editing and input conflicts - By Jesper Bylund Have you ever worried about lost user input in your JS app? How about in your react native app? What about your PWA? User input is becoming a major problem in modern JS, I’ll go through some of the strategies and libraries that might help you solve it! DraftJS, ProseMirror, Sockets and GraphQL, all the buzzwords are applied. 🛵💨 19.15 - Talk #2 Performance as a first class citizen: Performance governance in practice - By Vinicius Dallacqua Performance is often an overlooked aspect. On this talk we'll see how can we make use of modern tools to implement a performance pipeline and speak about how can those bring real benefits on trying to improve and maintain a good performance on your projects. Let's also discuss a few ways to improve load time performance metrics. ⚡️20.00 - Let's mingle 💥21.00 - Doors close