What we're about

Hi! Great that you found us! We're all about discussing where JavaScript is heading. Even if its the latest browser tech, hard core node.js programming or why not a cool Emscripten project?

Do you want to host a meetup? Read more at http://sthlmjs.com !

Would you like to speak at a meetup? We aim for everyone who wants to speak to get the chance as soon as possible! Read more at sthlmjs.com (http://sthlmjs.com/)!

Past events (86)

sthlm.js #77 at Mojang Studios

Mojang Studios

sthlm.js #76 at Jfokus 2023

Stockholm Waterfront Congress Centre

sthlm.js #75 at Microsoft Reactor

Microsoft Reactor @ Epicenter

sthlm.js #74 at Storykit

The Park Södra