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What we’re about

Great way to start our Sunday morning!

Open to everyone, those who are new to meditation or longer term meditation practitioners. Wonderful opportunity to join together in meditation and develop our mindfulness on a weekend morning. 

Mindfulness meditation calms the mind, which supports lowering stress and strengthening our immune system. This group is an opportunity to deepen and learn mindfulness meditation practices. Lowering our stress and becoming more in touch with our truer selves. Mindfulness Meditation is an opportunity to slow down and look within ourselves. 

We sit together for about 30 minutes, with some guiding in the beginning. Followed by a reflective sharing, questions and comments

"The depth of sitting in stillness with a compassionate heart is limitless...offering oneself the opportunity to meet the natural awakened mind."

The group meditation is offered on a donation basis, no One turned away. We are supported by the practice of shared generosity. Facilitated through the Mindfulness Car Center which was recognized by SF Magazine and voted the Best of 2018 in "Mindfulness and Meditation."   

The group is facilitated by Rik Center, Cofounder of the Mindfulness Care Center and Author of the Book, “If You Can't Change Your Mood, Change You Mind..."mindful refections toward self-discovery." Rik began a meditation practice in the late 80’s.  He's a Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, SEP - Somatic Experiencing Stress and Trauma Counselor/Practitioner and has served as a Buddhist/Interfaith Chaplain at San Francisco General and CPMC Hospitals. 

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