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Pitch: your Start-up to a panel of VCs / Angels (Prior registration is required)

Demo: your product at world's largest Mobile Entrepreneurs community, in the heart of Silicon Valley!
Co-founder Pitch: Are you looking for co-founders and participation of Co-founder Matching at Jan 25 #SVEPnd? Pls post your info at our Startup Job Board with a tag #SVEPnd#. We'll pick up 10 startups to pitch on submit time basis. First come, first served.
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• Pitch a group of investors privately
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To apply for pithcing at SVE, Apply here:
Investor Registration:
Welcome product for Android, iOS, WP, HTML5, Facebook, Chrome, and Cloud.
Pitching Rules:
Startup selection process before event happens:
Fill out application form---> Confirmation letter from SVE(only startups with below qualification can receive) ---> Pre-selection process by SVE & Judge---> Come and pitch
1 Commitment: The Founder or CEO must work full time for the Start-up.
2 Presentation: Only Start-ups with a public live application are able to present.
===Judge Panel List===
• Erin Delacroix, Innovator at LinkedIn
• Indu Navar, Managing Director of Woodside Capital Partners
• Saji Johnson, Managing Partner of Anicca Ventures
• Neil Weintraut, Cloud Venture

• Allen Hsu, BD/ Investment Manager of InnoSpring; Associate of TEEC Angel Fund.
• David Cao, Serial Entrepreneur, Founder of SVEntrepreneurs & Startups, Earlier Stage Mobile Angel Investor
=== Agenda===
9AM Networking
9:30M Opening & Introduction
9:32AM Opening Remark
9:35 Keynote
9:40AM Startup Pitch
11AM Founder Story
Alan Gunshor, Founder at AnswerTo(Dec Grand Winner and Winner of Startup of Year 2013)
11:15AM Co-founder pitch (Open mic)
11:30AM Judging Panel Discussion
Judge Panel Moderator: Jensen James, Perkins Coie
12:15 Closing Remark
12:15 Networking (Welcome sponsors)
===Pre-selected Startup List===
• ( “Startup Teams Chemistry Detector”
Presented by Ihor Pidruchny, CEO at
• ViClone: “We help companies manage leads and customers using intelligent virtual agents”
Presented by Rudy Bianco
• Patient Army Inc: ” PatientArmy is a crowd-sourced marketplace that gets money back on your medical bills by resolving billing errors.”
Presented by Vj Anma, Founder and CEO
• LookAllure: “LookAllure is a company that uses visual search technology to make it easier to find fashion.”
Presented by SunHee Yoon, CEO
• Twoodo: “Smarter communication, simpler data organisation, and all this without having to add a tool to your belt.”
Presented by Denis Duvauchelle, CEO and Co-founder
• Gummicube, Inc.: Gummicube helps apps find their audience in App Store search.
Presented by Bell Dave, Co-Founder & CEO at Gummicube, Inc. | Community of Mobile App Shoppers
===Judge Panel Bio===
Erin received her BFA in New Media from AAU. She has a strong focus on strategy, innovative product design, and business development. One Kings Lane, Coin, ebay, URBN, World Golf Tour, and Wells Fargo are among the various companies within her portfolio.
Indu Navar advises software and Internet services companies on strategic financing transactions and M&A. Over the past 20 years, Indu has served as a founder and CEO of successful companies, developing a proven track record in business development and strategic financing. She has successfully led companies through several rounds of growth stage strategic financing.
Prior to Woodside Capital Partners, Indu was founder and CEO of Serus Corporation, provider of SAAS offering for companies with outsourced manufacturing. Indu has been on the ground floor of several successful technology companies including Healtheon (WebMD), Silicon Graphics, Black and White Software (Segue). She started her career at NASA, Moffett Field, California.
Indu has B.S Electrical Engineering from Bangalore University, India and M.S. in Computer Science from California State University, Chico.
Neil Weintraut was a founding partner of Palo Alto Venture Partners, an Interent-focused venture capital firm. PAVP's investments include AdForce (OTC-ADFC), AvantGo (OTC-AVGO), CareerBuilder (OTC-CBDR), DemandForce (acquired for Intuit), Vicinity (OTC-VCNT), and (acquired by AOL). And is presently an advisor and angel investor at Cloud Ventures, whose investments included Cloudkick, on the early Cloud infrastructure company acquired by Rackspace. Neil was one of the first Wall Street Internet analyst, underwriting many of the pioneers of the Internet including Checkpoint Software, CNet, Netscape and UUNET. Neil has an MBA from The Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, and a BSEE from Drexel University. Neil was also an advisor to the International Olympic Committee on the application of the Internet to the Olympic Games, a Sergeant in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve, and a computer design engineer at IBM and Daisy Systems.
Allen Hsu is the BD/ Investment Manager of InnoSpring, and associate of TEEC Angel Fund. He is in charge of deal sourcing for InnoSpring Seed Fund and TEEC Angel Fund, and have evaluated 300+ quality startups through in person pitches, and reviewed over 800+ early stage startups across industries including Web, Mobile, Enterprise Software, Consumer, HealthCare, and Bio-Tech.
David Cao, Entrepreneur & Investor, Founder of SVEntrepreneurs & Startups, Earlier Stage Mobile Angel Investor
=== Sartup Desc ===
• ( “Startup Teams Chemistry Detector”
Evaluate Team Chemistry Before You Invest! Accelerators and Seed investors put money behind teams. gives you scientific tools to really get to know them before you invest.
Presented by Ihor Pidruchny, CEO at
Serial co-founder, founder of LEZGRO Engineering Incubator, software engineer and talented manager.Ihor has combined the entrepreneurial experience with psychological science, brought the prominent International Institute of Socionics into the partnership to launch the most powerful co-founders matching technique and algorithm for detecting team chemistry, that can be used by entrepreneurs, their potential investors and advisors to measure the fit.
• ViClone: “We help companies manage leads and customers using intelligent virtual agents”
Robots are the Future. What if your Startup had access to Robots that were intelligently programmed to do one thing perfectly—grow your user base. Using our smart robots companies can efficiently manage leads and improve sales.
Presented by Rudy Bianco
By the age of 19, my skills gave me a VP position at a producer company. I work with incredible people and developed great things. This multi-tasking job gave me a strong profile in how businesses works. Then I decided that I can do better and I founded an advertising agency.I dedicated 9 years to creating publicity from large companies like Nike or Mcdonald's, to small ones before pivoting to SaaS and innovation by 2007.
• Patient Army Inc: ” PatientArmy is a crowd-sourced marketplace that gets money back on your medical bills by resolving billing errors.”
Healthcare is broken. Medical billing errors cost patient $110B a year annually. Over 100 million health insurance claims are declined each year and a majority of them are wrongfully denied. Detecting and fixing these errors are challenging, as it requires analyzing and cross-referencing jargon-loaded bills, medical records and insurance coverage details. PatientArmy makes medical billing advocacy accessible to consumers by making it easy for patients to find answers to questions on their medical bill.
Presented by Vj Anma, Founder and CEO
Vj Anma is a serial entrepreneur who has built and sold Internet and mobile companies. He sold Visual Search Engine Company, in 2009 and in 2012.
• LookAllure: “LookAllure is a company that uses visual search technology to make it easier to find fashion.”
LookAllure is a Stanford-based startup focusing on visual search and discovery of fashion with a team of 3 PhDs in computer science. With LookAllure app, users take a picture of a shoe they see at a store or elsewhere. The app uses our patent-pending visual search technology to find shoes that look similar and maybe even better but cheaper and tells the users where to buy them. Our team has the best visual search and recognition technology and the largest shoe database in the world through affiliate relation with 36 companies.
Here is the link to our website:
Here is the link to the LookAllure on the App Store:
Here is the link to the LookAllure promotion video:
Here is the link to the AngelList page for LookAllure:
Presented by SunHee Yoon, CEO
I founded LookAllure to solve problems in fashion search and discovery using computer vision technology. Prior to LookAllure, I was a researcher at Stanford University working on mobile and social systems. I received my Ph.D. in computer science from USC where I developed algorithms to efficiently collect information from wireless sensor networks.
• Twoodo: “Smarter communication, simpler data organisation, and all this without having to add a tool to your belt.”
What if I told you that I had a smarter way for you to communicate, track tasks, files and notes with your team and clients without having to change what tool you're using, or anyone else’s? What if I can make your messages clearer, less ambiguous and easier to track with no added effort, in fact it would be faster. Would you be interested?
Presented by Denis Duvauchelle, CEO and Co-founder
Denis Duvauchelle (CEO):Avid entrepreneur and highly motivated with a passion for productivity. He has the drive and vision to grow the company. Denis is the originator of the project, CEO and spearheads the efforts across all functions.
Guillaume Acard (CTO):Project Manager for a leading bank software development company with over 15 employees in his charge. He dreams of code and loves to code. He's in charge of technology choices and most of the development on the website. Sean Antony (Head of mobile):With a Masters in Computer Science, we started his career in IT consulting to finally come back to his dream and passion, which is developing. He's currently in charge of all mobile development.
David Arnoux (CMO):Growth hacking evangelist and has experience in competitive markets having launched a successful startup in men fashion wear in Paris. He's in charge of growth, marketing and PR.
• Gummicube, Inc.: Gummicube helps apps find their audience in App Store search.
Gummicube offers a full service App Store Optimization solution. App Store Optimization is like SEO for Apps. It improves app distribution by increasing Search Ranking for apps in an App Store. Gummicube leverages exclusive data from inside the App Store and proprietary technologies to help apps improve their search rank and increase organic downloads and revenue from App Store search.
Presented by Bell Dave, Co-Founder & CEO at Gummicube, Inc. | Community of Mobile App Shoppers
Dave Bell is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Gummicube. In this role, Dave is responsible for overseeing the business strategy for the company, driving growth and market development. Dave is a pioneer of the mobile entertainment industry with more than 15 years of experience publishing, marketing and distributing mobile applications and games across carrier, direct to consumer and app store channels.
Prior to co-founding Gummicube, Dave was a member of Playphone’s founding team and served as SVP, Business Development & Strategy. Playphone was one of the first direct-to-consumer channels for mobile entertainment, growing to $100M in annual revenue during his tenure. Prior to Playphone, Dave was the founder of Chasma Publishing. Chasma was one of the first publishers of mobile games in the world and was responsible for releasing some of the first downloadable apps on carrier networks. Chasma merged with Kayak Interactive and was sold to Oberon Media in 2005.
Awesome Investors in our network:
Richard Melmon --- Bullpen Capital
Kayvan Baroumand --- nestGSV
Duncan Davidson --- Bullpen Capital
Patrick Mork --- Google Play
Bill Reichert --- Garage Technology Ventures
Amit Sinha --- SAP
Konstantin Tryapitsyn --- Vice President of Business Development, FinEx+ Asset Management
Vignesh Ravikumar --- Sierra Ventures
Sonja Markova --- Keiretsu Forum
Marcelo Manjon --- Xseed Capital
Jialu Chen --- Asset Management Venture
Mahendra Ramsinghani --- TriplePoint Venture
Eugene Zhang --- InnoSpring; TEEC Angels.
Mike Loftus --- Angel's Forum
Binay Ackalloor --- Sand Hill Angels
Neil Weintraut --- Cloud Venture
Ting Louie --- SharesPost Investment Management / SP100 fund
Monali Jain --- Kiretsu Forum and Angel Investor
Luke Lee --- Asset management Venture
Greg Malewicz --- Facebook
Benjamin Taran --- Keiretsu Forum
Rauhmel Fox ---, Inc.
Li Jiang --- NestGSC / GSV
Rashmi Gopinath --- Intel Capital
Susan Liu --- Scale Venture Partners
Gaurang Sanghvi --- Venture Capital & Private Equity
Natalie Nguyen --- Asset Management Ventures
Some pictures of past Pitch Demo Day:
Successful Stories
Below are examples of winners of Startup Of Year 2013.
Boombotix, Nov-13 Winner, raised $3.2million.
Nudge Technology, Nov-12 Winner, raised $250K.
invi. Inc, Jan-13 Winner, raised $3million.
Oculii, Sep-13 Winner, raised $1million.
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