Crowd-Pitch Challenge : Learn & Pitch (FREE match-making event)

Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs & Startups - SVE
Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs & Startups - SVE
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Event for startup founders, entrepreneurs, innovators, business owners, executives, directors, CEOs, CMOs, marketers, sales persons, mentors and coaches. Professionals from various backgrounds are all welcome too.

Learn how to Pitch :

• Learn to Pitch with Extreme Confidence

• Improve Your Pitch to Win Investors

• Get a Better Pitch

• Grow Your Audience & Profits using Intelligently Designed Marketing

Then Pitch it to Crowd :

• Top 5 participants NOMINATED by crowd will get to pitch for 1 minutes each

• Coaches will review and give feedback to each participant for 4 minutes each

• Crowd will give star-ratings to the participants




EXPRESS INTEREST NOW (Take a minute to fill in form)

Fill in LEARN-YOUR-BEST-MATCHES ( (<-CLICK NOW) form to give your best matches an opportunity to get acquainted with you hours before the event. Form closes a day before the event. Also, get familiar with our AUDIENCE-COLOR-CODING ( (<-CLICK).

Participate in the event in 2 ways :


About 8 hours before the event, check match-making email in inbox/spam folder, learn your 20-30 best matches out of hundreds of participants/attendees. Team up virtually with your best matches from the luxury of your home.


Attend the event, watch presentations, meet speakers and team up with most of your matches in person.



03:30 PM Networking

04:00 PM Presentation by an Executive Pitch Coach, Roy Terry

05:00 PM "Pitch with Extreme Confidence" Workshop by Spoken Word Strategist, Tom Marcoux

06:30 PM Networking

07:00 PM Presentation by Business & Marketing Coach, Sunil Bhaskaran

08:00 PM Pitches by participants (Top 5 NOMINATED by crowd; 1 min pitch each; 4 min pitch review and crowd star-ratings)

08:30 PM Closing



35% Seeking A Co-founder Role
29% Offering A Co-founder Role
21% Seeking Pitch Coaching
19% Watching Pitches (As Audience)
17% Offering Expertise (Engineering/Technology)
17% Seeking Expertise (Engineering/Technology)
17% Offering Expertise (Software Development)
17% Interested In Pitching To The Audience
17% Seeking Expertise (Fund/Capital Raising)
15% Offering An Advisor Role
13% Seeking Expertise (Sales/Marketing/Business Dev)
13% Seeking Business Coaching
13% Seeking An Advisor Role
13% Seeking An Executive Role
13% Offering Expertise (Sales/Marketing/Business Dev)
13% Seeking Executive Coaching
12% Seeking Expertise (Software Development)
12% Seeking Career Coaching
8% Offering An Executive Role
8% Offering Business Coaching
8% Seeking Leadership Coaching
6% Offering Skill Coaching
6% Offering Leadership Coaching
6% Offering Life Coaching
6% Offering Pitch Coaching
6% Offering Executive Coaching
6% Offering Team Coaching
2% Offering Career Coaching
2% Seeking Skill Coaching
2% Offering Expertise (HR/Accounting/Legal)
2% Offering Expertise (Fund/Capital Raising)
2% Seeking Expertise (HR/Accounting/Legal)


SPEAKERS (in alphabetic order by last name) :

Sunil Bhaskaran

Business Coach | Marketing Coach

Marketing for Visionaries & Business Leaders

Growing Your Audience & Profits using Intelligently Designed Marketing

CahayaMind (

MeetupMoneyMakingSecrets (

Sunil Bhaskaran - Founder of the Global Meetup Mastermind

* 70,000+ member Meetup organization - business owners and professionals.
* Successful Entrant - Shark Tank for Experts 2016 - presented using meetup for business audience generation.
* Mentor and business owner since 1991.
* Amazon Author, Public Speaker, Radio Show Personality.

Presentation: How to get 70,000 People in Your Audience to Test, Refine, Scale and Sell
- How Meetup works and can work for you.
- Steps to create a breakthrough audience for you and your business.
- Easy affordable next steps to get started.


Tom Marcoux

Spoken Word Strategist | Executive Coach

CEO | Speaker | Author (43 books)

PitchPowerFest ( | GetTheBigYES ( | YourBodySoulandProsperity (

Learn with the “Pitch with Extreme Confidence” Workshop:

Are you afraid that if your mind goes blank, you’ll completely fail with your pitch?

Or do you fear being unable to handle an investor’s toughest question? How about being embarrassed? Instead, imagine you have the Extreme Confidence to know that you can handle something—anything—going wrong. Confidence is contagious. Investors become confident in you—and you gain your funding. It’s all about creating trust.

Here’s what you’ll learn [Even Better: You Will Practice Skills in the Workshop]:

* Experience Real Confidence

* Seize the Investors’ Attention

* Answer Tough Questions with Poise

* Let Go of Fear and Nervousness

* Use Confident Body Language

* Handle Tough Moments (even if your mind goes blank)


Roy Terry

Principal Consultant at Executive Presence Now

Pitch Coach | Pitch Mentor | Pitch Doctor

ThePrimalPitch (

Get a Better Pitch!

Truth is, even founders tend to repeat what they've seen and repeat what got them this far. Not good enough. I make good pitches stronger by going into your story, evidence, and presentation and fully hearing the potential. Then we rebuild stronger and simpler. All in real time.

* Develop your value offer into a compelling story

* Be bigger than life without being stage'y

* Understand the parts of your pitch that connect.

* Lose what distracts.



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VENUE SPONSOR : ZGC Innovation Center (

WATER SPONSORS : Maria Hernandez & Gabriel Plasencia

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