• SLUG with Indragie Karunaratne


    This event will be hosted at Lyft HQ, featuring a talk by Indragie Karunaratne. ======== Building a view debugger using SceneKit I recently open sourced a project called InAppViewDebugger (https://github.com/indragiek/InAppViewDebugger), which implements a Reveal-style 3D snapshot view built using SceneKit. In this talk, I'll talk about the process of building this framework from the perspective of someone who has no experience building 3D UIs, and about building a Swift framework that is designed to be used from both Swift and Objective-C apps. About Indragie Karunaratne (https://twitter.com/indragie) Indragie is a software engineer who most recently worked at Facebook, building infrastructure for the Facebook App on iOS and Android. ======== Schedule: 6:30pm: Doors open downstairs. Enter through Lobby 4, go left through the courtyard to Lobby 2, and take the elevator up to the 5th floor. 6:30pm - 7pm: Refreshments and light bites. We will not be serving alcohol at this meetup, but we'll have plenty of other drinks. 7pm: Presentation. We welcome you to stay and chat afterwards! ======== Thanks to Lyft (https://lyft.com) for hosting and providing food + drinks.