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This is the inaugural Swift Language User Group Hackday (a/k/a #slugfest!)

You're welcome to attend either or both portions of the day.

*** Schedule ***

• 9:30am: doors open + coffee

• 10 am - 12pm: Come to a free Swift class and learn the basics of the Swift language. We'll share our tips if you’re coming from Ruby, JavaScript, Java, or Objective-C. (Note: you'll need some previous development experience to benefit from the class).

It'll be a hands-on class; together we'll go through several code exercises that will lead to writing your first Swift app.

We can't promise that you'll leave a Swift ninja, nor guru, but you will leave equipped with the tools and practical know-how to build brand new apps like never before.

Stay for the hackday (and potentially win prizes!) in the afternoon to apply your new Swift skills. We can't wait to see what you'll build!

Instructor Bio: JP Simard's an iOS engineer working on Realm (http://t.senaldos.com/link?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.realm.io%2F&ukey=agxzfnNpZ25hbHNjcnhyGAsSC1VzZXJQcm9maWxlGICAgIOQqLQIDA&k=17a57d4d-9ead-4ffe-c57f-db3df38c0fe6), a modern data framework & database for Swift + Objective-C. He presents on Objective-C and, more recently, Swift (http://t.senaldos.com/link?url=http%3A%2F%2Frealm.io%2F2014%2F06%2F17%2Fswift-unchartered-territory-swift-intro-and-internals&ukey=agxzfnNpZ25hbHNjcnhyGAsSC1VzZXJQcm9maWxlGICAgIOQqLQIDA&k=797eef78-fa12-4511-a30d-16ab3b82cb98) at conferences across North America.

When JP's not in iOS mode, he enjoys listening to jazz and zipping around San Francisco on his bike. Catch him on Twitter: @ (http://t.senaldos.com/link?url=https%3A%2F%2Ftwitter.com%2Fsimjp&ukey=agxzfnNpZ25hbHNjcnhyGAsSC1VzZXJQcm9maWxlGICAgIOQqLQIDA&k=589bf67f-37d4-4d98-e6e9-5635586f0cd6)simjp (http://t.senaldos.com/link?url=https%3A%2F%2Ftwitter.com%2Fsimjp&ukey=agxzfnNpZ25hbHNjcnhyGAsSC1VzZXJQcm9maWxlGICAgIOQqLQIDA&k=5d283968-98a9-42f3-b282-8eee5bdf8479).

• 12pm - 1pm: Lunch (provided)

• 1pm - 8pm: Hackathon (w/prizes) Apply your new Swift skills to build projects and learn from your fellow classmates.

• 6pm: Dinner (provided)

• 8pm: we’ll organize a show & tell to share what we’ve built but also what we’ve learned about Swift!

Prizes packages will be awarded (by audience vote) to the best app and the most learned.

Members of the winning teams will each receive books on our fave topic - Swift! including Functional Programming in Swif (http://www.objc.io/books/)t & Functional Reactive Programming on iOS (https://leanpub.com/iosfrp). Plus, either 6 months or 1 year of credits to Treehouse (http://teamtreehouse.com/).

*** Getting there ***

We secured a space in the heart of Soma

• Public Transportation: 7 minute walk to Montgomery St. BART Station. 20 minute walk to San Francisco Caltrain station.

• Parking: Map (https://www.google.com/maps/search/parking/@37.7876539,-122.3967728,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!2m4!3m3!1sparking!2s543+Howard+St,+San+Francisco,+CA+94105!3s0x8085807cb968a639:0x6a8941f18033f4e9) of paid garages in the neighborhood.

• RideShare - we set up a ride share page (http://www.rickyrides.com/swift-class-swift-hackday) so you can post your ride offers or requests.

*** FAQ ***

1) I've never coded before, should I attend?

This class is not an introduction to coding. To benefit, you'll need some coding experience.

2) What should I bring?

* A Mac Laptop Installed with:

- either OS X 10.93, the latest version of Mavricks or 10.10, Yosemite beta. You need this to participate fully in the class + hackday. (You're still welcome to watch if you don't)

- Xcode beta 3. Released free by Apple on Friday, July 11. Download it here. You'll need to register it to install. https://developer.apple.com/swift/resources/

* Snacks + a re-usable water bottle

* If you have special dietary restrictions, please bring your own food. We will have some limited vegetarian and vegan options.

2) I'm minor, can I participate?

Yes, everyone is welcome.

3) I've RSVPed here; do I also need to sign up on eventbrite?


4) Who can I contact with additional questions?

Email Arwa, a co-organizer at: [masked] .

5) Is there a Code of Conduct for this event?

Yes! All events organized by our group are subject to our Code of Conduct (http://www.meetup.com/swift-language/pages/Code_of_Conduct/). Please make sure you are familiar with it before attending.

*** Thanks ***

For providing prizes:

(http://www.objc.io/books/)objc.io (http://www.objc.io/books/), publishers of Functional Programming in Swif (http://www.objc.io/books/)t

Sinch (http://www.sinch.com), App communications made simple.

Treehouse (http://teamtreehouse.com/), Learn how to build websites & apps, write code or start a business.

For organizing and hosting: http://realm.io

For spreading the word: Founders Space (http://www.foundersspace.com/)