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The Joys and Pains of Using Core Data in Swift

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The joys and pains of using Core Data in SwiftCore Data is probably loved as much as it is shunned by iOS developers. No matter its pros and cons, it remains a popular choice for many iOS developers as Apple continues to invest in it. Core Data is a framework of great power that often comes with great frustration. When using Swift, we can make Core Data more powerful, and sometimes more frustrating. This talk presents practical strategies for moving away from an Objective-C model, the bugs you'll run into and how to work around them, how Swift can bring clarity to your model objects, and how to harness Swift features (like enums) in your NSManagedObject subclasses.

About your speaker, Jesse Squires

Jesse is a senior iOS developer at Rosetta Stone whose interests include software design patterns and architecture, cognitive science, animated GIFs, and body modification. He likes his coffee like his metal — black. And when he isn't writing on his blog ( or contributing on GitHub (, you can find him at hardcore and metal shows in the bay area.


6:00pm: Doors open. Look for the doorman standing outside the building.

6:30 - 7pm: Refreshments and snacks

7pm: Presentation + Q&A

After, you're welcome to stay for beers or soda or snacks.


The Realm office is on Townsend between 2nd and 3rd.

Look for the doorman standing outside the building. He'll guide you up.

Getting there:

• 5-minute walk to the King St. Caltrain station. 20-minute walk from the Powell St. BART Station.

• Bike Parking. We don't have bike racks, but you can bring your bike up, but you'll need to carry it to the 2nd floor. The building doesn't have an elevator.

Thanks to:

Realm ( for hosting and providing refreshments.


Email: Arwa -
148 Townsend St. 2nd Floor · San Francisco, CA
How to find us

NOTE: It's Game Day, so parking will be a pain. Look for the doorman standing outside the building.

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