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SyDjango's goal is to develop a community in Sydney for those interested in Django. It aims to create a forum where those interested can meet, share and have a good time. The focus will be on Django and web application design, development and deployment. Python will obviously be an underlining theme, but there are specific python groups focused on python solely (see: http://sypy.eventbrite.com/ and www.sypy.org).

All are welcome!

We also have a Slack channel. Register here: https://sydjango.herokuapp.com

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SyDjango October 2019


Ahoy Djangonauts! We will be happy to see you at the next SyDjango meetup. This event is hosted by WeWork and sponsored by Cover Genius and Airteam. 6:00 pm – Event starts, food & drinks, networking 6:30 pm – Community announcements 6:45 pm – Talks start 1st Talk "Elastic APM or how I wished I could run DEBUG=True in production and sort of did it" by Barton Ip Drowning in bug reports, Barton wished that he could view detailed stack traces for his production codebase so that he could spend less on strong cider every week. Follow this beautiful journey of a man discovering what it truly means to have meaningful data feed into his debug workflow and free time to work on his Smashmouth tribute band. 2nd Talk "You don't need OKTA: an open source alternative to authorization and authentication" by Iqbal Bhatti In this talk Iqbal will tell us why projects require authorization and authentication and then get setup with an open source identity provider Keycloak and integrate it into a Django project. He will follow up with an extended overview of how this setup works with mobile apps. Iqbal has a hope that at the end of his presentation, everyone will be able to cancel their OKTA subscriptions and donate the saved money to their favourite open source projects. 3d Talk "Post production video with Veyepar" by William McKee William will talk about the open source eyeball processor and review software Veyepar, which is built in Python Django. He will show the steps involved in editing raw video footage into publishing the video online and then spreading the word on social media. Conferences such as LCA, PyConAU and KiwiPyCon use Veyepar as part of the NextDayVideo video production process. About William: Originally from New Zealand, William has lived in Sydney for the past several years where he has worked as an API developer and attends countless hackathons. He is currently looking for his next role. Connect with William on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/william-mckee-78535a25/ 8:00pm – Event ends

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SyDjango August 2019


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