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What we’re about

Have you ever taken a fall and hit your head? Sustained a stroke or other unique challenge to the brain? Cognitive trauma can effect every part of life for a survivor, their family, and the communities in which they reside, yet millions are impacted by brain injury's invisible challenges every year while existing  in the world without healthy community to re-engage with.

TBI:Alive understands that we all must awaken and face the world each day, regardless of a trauma's severity.  Rather than merely a support group, this community gathering encourages empowering understanding, shared resources, and a few well-earned laughs for all involved on that path forward following injury to the brain. The consequential trauma sustained when re-engaging socially, professionally, and personally within a world which does not understand reintegration strategies for stability and health is almost as painful as the original injury. Please consider this a TBI Opportunity Group built upon shared experience and support, then come and join us for a cup of coffee and some healthy activity to move forward with your goals and show that no one can be defined solely by this injury.  Building with one another upon such individual challenges, this community is encouraging its members along the path to health and Functional Reintegration while enjoying that next positive step into the future.