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What we’re about

A place for people new to the technology industry to connect and find learning opportunities. We aim to allow all people with little to no knowledge of the tech industry to come somewhere to learn in a safe space.

Perhaps you're interested in starting in web development, cyber security, or technical architecture? Or perhaps you want to be in the cloud/devops world, or data science/analytics? Or you may be looking at a non-technical role in the tech industry, but worried as you don't know any of the lingo? Or you've got no idea and just want to listen and learn something about what's possible? This is the place for you.
We'll focus on having talks, panels and discussions with people from all walks of life who now work in the tech industry - how they got started and where you can get more information and support.

In collaboration with Silicon Brighton, TechNative Digital and Secure Bubble, we'll have both in-person events and online webinars and tools, so you can talk together and discover the world of opportunities available.

Hoping to see you at an event soon!