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What we’re about

The Monthly Dev is a series of online events brought to you with love by It's a place for software engineers to gather and hear world-class talks, once a month. 
Our events will cover hot topics that developers love such as:
• Web development and performance
• Open-source libraries and frameworks
• Career advice and personal development
• And a bunch of other surprises that we have for you down the road. 

All past events are recorded and available on our YouTube channel:

Who should join our group?
The Monthly Dev was made with a lot of ❤️ especially for developers. However, it's free and open for everyone to join. If you're into programming or just a tech enthusiast, you're welcome! 

Why did we start The Monthly Dev?
We took some inspiration from TED. We thought, what if we can make "TED for developers"? That would be super cool and refreshing! We wanted to bring a monthly series of online events but with a different vibe.
Although we still look at it as an experiment, we decided on several guidelines for our events:
1. It will feature only world-class speakers that come with massive credentials
2. It will be freeIt will be open to everyone. No matter if you're using or not
3. It will be enjoyable and full of surprises
Read our full article about it here.

So what are you waiting for?
Grab a look at our upcoming events and join the ride. One thing we can promise -- it's going to be fun!

Need help?
If you have any inquires feel free to reach out at

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