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What we’re about

Hiya :wave: Welcome to The Outsiders! I’m your organizer, Sam - I hail from New York, and simply want to get outside more. I work at a tech company and find it pretty hard to make time for the outdoors, so I’m really excited to make meeting up outdoors a priority for me :)

I’d love to grab a group of people, hop on a train, and explore the wondrous areas around us! I don’t have a car, so I’ll be on the lookout for easily accessible hikes in the immediate area (Any and all recommendations encouraged).

This group is for you if: 

- You’ve been wanting to get more comfortable with hikes & other outdoor activities
- Are in your 20’s + 30’s (We’ll welcome you with open arms regardless)
- You’re a more advanced hiker wanting to show some newbies the ropes / don’t mind a more laid-back adventure

We’ll move at a slower pace and learn our way up the mountain together. Our goal is not how fast we can get up the mountain, but take the time to enjoy the scenery around us (and of course take some pictures)! We’ll stick to easier / moderate hikes in the beginning, and take snack / lunch breaks on every hike.

Hikes will mostly happen on Saturdays and Sundays. We’ll also be doing happy hours to actually get to know each other while we’re not wearing our hiking gear (Although it is a safe space if that’s what you rock on the daily).

Liability: I’m not a guide or expert. Hiking will be at your own risk. By joining this group you agree that myself, and anyone on the organizing team, cannot be held liable for any injuries that occur on these hikes.