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What we’re about

Play Social Home Games with New and Old Friends

We are back with a goal to reunite an isolated and fragmented post-pandemic poker community! Being social is making a comeback! Since 2008 we have hosted over 10,000 friendly social home games, more games than any other poker Meetup. Join Rounders Poker the most active and successful poker Meetup ever created.

All our home games are private, each host sets the rules for their games and operate their games with complete autonomy. Our games are social and recreational and a great environment for women who make up 40% of our players where the public casinos have less than 10% participation by women. This is because we require that all members must be able to get along with others in a social environment. People have made lasting friendships here, some even found marriage here.

During the pandemic our live home games were forced online during the almost two years of the stay-at-home quarantine. As life slowly returned to normal our online games continued to be popular and members asked that we continue with our online games which are now scheduled every night.

All members are welcome to join our online games which we are combining with our live community to create one community and environment for everyone. Contact Scotty Wayne at for details about playing in our online games, it's an easy way to get started playing.

Do You Host Games?
If you are hosting your own LIVE home games why work alone? Why create and pay for your own own website or Meetup group when you can join our Rounders Network of Hosts, run your games your way, and share access to our outreach and social media presence and become part of the Rounders Poker brand, a trusted source of honest, safe, and friendly home games for over 15 years. Hosting in our network is free under these qualifying conditions you must share your contacts, contact the Organizer for details.

To start playing or hosting games click the Request to join button to get started.

Scotty Wayne
Founder, Rounders Poker