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What we’re about

Welcome to The South Bay Walking & Hiking Group. This group is primarily for people 55+ who are really motivated to stay active and have a good time doing so. However, anyone who enjoys what we do can also join. This means if you are below 55, and you want to improve your fitness level, and you are NOT a "tiger," and enjoy our other activities listed below, then please join us.  Friends and relatives are always welcome at our activities and events.

To protect our members and the community, particularly children under 12 who are ineligible for vaccinations and at the mercy of the adults in their worlds, effective immediately, we are requiring that all members who attend our events be completely vaccinated against Covid. This means that you are two weeks post the final shot in whatever vaccine (Pfizer, Moderna, J&J) you have received.

Please DO NOT ATTEND our events if you are not two weeks post final vaccination shot. Also, bring a confirmation of your vaccination status to each event; you may be asked to show it.

If you got your Covid vaccine in California, you can get a Digital COVID-19 Vaccine Record at­

We're sorry if this goes against your personal values, but while those who choose not to get vaccinated are exercising their free choice, this Meetup group is exercising its free choice as a private group, in consideration of the increasing threat of the Delta variant and the scary prospect of an even more devastating variant that could arise as Covid continues to spread among the unvaccinated.

Our goal is to build and/or maintain a high level of fitness within our capacities and make good friends at the same time. (Walking is fun, but nothing beats walking with friends.)

Our activities take place around the South Bay, especially the Palos Verdes Peninsula and San Pedro.

***The South Bay Walking & Hiking Group ***focuses on 4-6 mile walks, trail walks, and hikes at a moderate pace — with an occasional more strenuous or longer walk thrown in for a challenge and increased fitness. We walk on sidewalks, boardwalks, and trails, wherever the journey takes us.
Our other goal is to enjoy nature and the outdoors-- the ocean, marine animals, and habitats of our area -- so we seek routes that benefit both body and soul! We also do sunset walks to admire beautiful views available in our gorgeous area at different times of the day. Often we stop at a great café or restaurant after the hikes.

***The South Bay Walking & Hiking Group ***branches out to other activities that are all about fitness, fun, and friendship-- like kayaking, bike riding, whale watching, dining, movies, and more. When there is interest, there will also be historical walks, inter-generational walks (i.e. walks with children), and dog walks.

In brief, we support each other to get and stay fit while enjoying good times together!  Please join us!

By the way, we don't charge dues to have you join and enjoy our many exciting activities. You are totally welcome to participate in our meetup for free because your participation is already a great contribution! At the same time, we gladly accept donations. You can Donate by giving cash or check to the Event Host.

Thanks for your support and WELCOME!

If you enjoy our events, we appreciate donations.
You can donate using:
Venmo -- send to Anita-Canfield-1
Zelle -- send to (213) 300-3472

In return for your participation:
We expect our Members to change their RSVP to “Not Going” from “Going” as soon as they know, especially for events that have a Waiting List.  
“No Shows” are inconsiderate, especially when there is a Waiting List, and Members who have three “No Shows” will automatically be removed from future events for which there is a Waiting List, if they are on the “Going” list.
All of our Event Hosts are volunteers. They are hosting because they enjoy the activity and want others to share this enjoyment. We encourage you to try new activities with us.
Do not send unsolicited messages to members. If a member complains about receiving such messages, you will be removed from the group.
When you RSVP for our events, you assume all of the risks of participating in any/all activities associated with the South Bay Walking and Hiking Group.
You certify that you are physically fit, have sufficiently prepared or trained for participation in this activity, and have not been advised to not participate by a qualified medical professional. You certify that there are no health-related reasons or problems which preclude your participation in this activity.
You acknowledge that this activity may involve a test of a person's physical and mental limits and carries with it the potential for death, serious injury, and property loss. The risks include, but are not limited to, those caused by terrain, facilities, temperature, weather, condition of participants, equipment, vehicular traffic, lack of hydration, and actions of other people including, but not limited to, participants, volunteers, monitors, and/or producers of the activity.

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