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What Is The Alternative Business Networking Group?

Have you tried the traditional business networks and found them ineffective? Too costly? Too salesy? Too much taking and not enough giving? Then maybe the Alternative Business Network meetup is what you’re looking for.

Let’s face it, many business networking groups are a waste of your time. You’re bombarded with people trying to sell you something or get your business – but it is rarely reciprocated or coming from a place of contribution.

The goal of the Alternate Business Networking Group (ABNG) is to create something different. We want to attract members that are not only interested in getting referrals, but also want to give of themselves to encourage and help strengthen the businesses of the other group members. And, of course, to pass along quality referrals we may have.

The key to a truly effective business network is establishing trusting relationships that are safe. We all know the business adage, “we do business with those we know, like, and trust”. That takes time and commitment establishing that kind of connections. It is only in that environment, however, that most of us feel comfortable referring our most coveted possession – our sphere of family, friends, and clients.

If you are only looking for an opportunity to push your business on others, this is not the group for you. If you are interested in establishing advocates for you and your business AND are willing to give to others as well, then we encourage you to check out the Alternative Business Networking Group.

By the way, there is no cost to attend our lunch meetings.
You can attend any and all events as you are not limited to one location.

We simply ask that you support the venues that support us by having lunch from time to time. The primary reason that we do not charge for our lunch meetings is because all of the restaurants that we hold our meetings at do not charge us for the use of their space.

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