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What we’re about

Welcome to The Confident Introverts. A place for introverts by an introvert.

I’m Val Senan, your host. I’m an all round nice guy who’s always celebrating being unique, dreaming big and enjoying my desserts. Yes i’ve got a soft spot for desserts, I mean who doesn’t right?! ;)

I help introverts to step out from their comfort zones so that they can look for, attract and keep their ideal romantic partner.

Happiness, I believe comes from confidence. Confidence is a result of being clear of what you truly want, who you are and embracing it.

I know how that as introverts we’re always seen as second best and given second priority to anything and everything in life.

But that shouldn’t be the case.

We’re entitled to happiness, success and love just like everyone else. Being quiet and reserved doesn’t mean we’re outcasts or rejects. It just means we’re being true to ourselves and living our truth.

This world needs more people who are living their truths.

People like us.

But in order to do that, we need CONFIDENCE.

That’s why this group exists. To support and encourage you in your journey towards becoming The Confident Introvert!

Introduce yourself to the group. Network, connect and share freely and openly with the other members here.

Do respect other members. Treat them like how you’d wish to be treated.

This journey of reclaiming your happiness and showing up in the world as a confident introvert is a tough one.

No one can do it alone.

I know as introverts we prefer to be alone with our thoughts. However in this instance, we need to adapt in order to truly succeed.

Thus, it’s important to surround yourself with the right kind of people. People who will support, encourage and accept you and all that you are trying to achieve.

You are the sum of the people whom you hang out with.

 I'm Looking forward to connecting with you!

Val Senan ;)