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Welcome to the Transformational Dance & Conscious Ecstatic Events Meetup Group!

The purpose of this group is to inform you of Transformational Dance, Thai Massage, Reiki & Conscious Dance Parties that my company- The Dancing Path™ offers in NYC.

Our events are about connecting people as a community through various fun workshops and events in order have fun, build connection and to empower you to create, live & celebrate your best life. My organization is called The Dancing Path but the events are not limited to dance. They are geared towards helping you create and discover what makes you dance inside and out!

There is usually never any dance, massage or reiki experience necessary. All levels and backgrounds are welcome. The dance events are improvisational in nature and do not include any choreography. Participants are guided to express themselves fully & find their own movement & flow!

The Dancing Path™ hosts facilitators from around the world offering various events, workshops and trainings such as:

Transformational Dance, Yoga Trance Dance™, Contact Improv, Biodanza™, Drum CIrcles, Shiatsu Trainings, Reiki Training's, Partner Yoga Workshops, Community Beach Parties and more!

Join the group and you can stay abreast of all the wonderful events!

For more info on the events visit the website- http://www.thedancingpath.com
If you have any questions feel free to contact me at thedancingpath@gmail.com

with love & gratitude,

What some participants have shared about past workshops-

Trinity leads this outrageously fun facilitated dance celebration with all of her heart, passion, power, and love. By the end, I always feel completely connected with myself and everyone in the room- a deep sense of community is created. It is a profound experience. Doug Larson

I feel like this is the best 7 hours I've had in a while! I came in not knowing what to expect. But knowing what I wanted to manifest. I'm leaving here feeling empowered, light, open, centered and free. A lot of things surfaced from me during the workshop in a wonderful way. I now feel closer to my heart and further from my pain. What a wonderfully diverse and creative way to manifest out intentions!
Much Love & Thank You, M.D.

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Dance Your Emotions at Radiant Goddess Dance Temple

230 Lexington Ave


The Radiant Goddess Dance Temple Dance Your Emotions Manifest Your Desires FRIDAY, July 12 7:10pm-9:45pm Lucid Body House 230 Lexington Avenue, 2nd Floor (bet 33rd & 34th Street) USE PROMO CODE- GODDESS by June 30 to save an extra $5 Get Tickets here- https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-radiant-goddess-dance-temple-tickets-63706824828?aff=MU This incredibly transformational & powerful experience is an opportunity for women to come together in sisterhood to support each other in living a radiant, healthy, juicy and lit-up life. It's an opportunity for you to express the full range of your emotions causing you to feel, to release and to be more alive, present, connected, authentic and radiant. It is a space to be and move however you feel in a dark room. You may also just lay down or sit still. We have very few places in our society where we are welcomed to unabashedly express all of ourselves - the light & the dark. This is that space. We will begin the evening dancing out our emotions in a dark, dimly lit room. The dance will not be facilitated. Music will be played that embodies various emotions to help you get in touch with and embody your feelings. You are free to make sounds and move however you wish. Following the dance we will share about our experience and our desires for our lives. The evening will culminate with a powerful manifestation ritual to support us in manifesting our hearts desires. Dancing our emotions is like taking an energetic shower. We cleanse ourselves from the inside and release anything that is not serving us. Afterwards we feel lighter, clear, radiant and more in touch with our true essence. We live in a society where we are taught not to feel. We are taught to disconnect from our feelings which leaves us feeling disconnected to ourselves and each other. We are told not to cry, not to be upset. Only the so called positive emotions are socially acceptable. It takes a tremendous amount of energy to hold down our feelings. It also has the potential to make us unhealthy and lose touch with ourselves, making us feel dull, numb, disconnected and unhappy. Expressing our emotions helps us to release them and supports us in getting unstuck. When we feel, we heal. The only way out is thru. If we desire to be & feel radiant, alive and healthy then we can not by pass our emotions. The degree to which we feel our pain is the degree to which we can allow ourselves to feel our joy. You will have the opportunity to dance the full scale of your emotions. We will dance any feelings of frustration and anger. We will then move on to dancing and expressing sadness and grief. Once we have expressed these feelings we will move to songs of forgiveness and empowerment. Lastly we will dance to sexy songs to turn ourselves back on and get us into a lit up and radiant state. Testimonials- Tonight was so amazing! This was one of the best dance practices I’ve ever been to. Trinity facilitated the event so well. She was so clear in her intention that we all activated almost immediately as the music started. Can’t wait for the next one! ~ Tara Abrol Thank you for sharing your gift with the world. It was amazing last night. It was a priceless experience. The lovely women I had the opportunity to partner with were amazing in their right as well. I’m glad I showed up and look forward to future events. ~ Josette M. Join us for an incredibly transformational & powerful experience! This event is for female-bodied or female identifying people only. Doors Open at 7:10pm Event starts at 7:15pm Doors Close at 7:30pm No one will be allowed in after 7:30pm $25. Early bird (by Friday, July 5) $30. Advance Rate (by Thursday, July 11) $40. Day of (Cash Only at the door) USE PROMO CODE- GODDESS by June 30 to save an extra $5 GET TICKETS HERE- https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-radiant-goddess-dance-temple-tickets-63706824828?aff=MU Like The Dancing Path's Fbook page at- https://www.facebook.com/TheDancingPath

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