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This is a group dedicated to improve self-awareness and people-mastery through analytical psychology. You can expect both beginner-friendly and in-depth practical discussion on frameworks such as MBTI, enneagram for self-development in Singapore.

Open to other curious learners of theory of mind, this group is managed by me, a certified TypeCoach (MBTI) practitioner and founder of www.ourhumanminds.com. We will aim to have free bi-weekly online or physical meetups. Any sign-up for paid courses and consultation is optional.

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Everything MBTI: Physical Meet & Greet Session!

Mindful Space Pte Ltd

Hi fellow type readers! We are finally scheduling another physical meetup in Singapore for MBTI & personality types enthusiasts!

You can expect it not to be a regular session! Besides sharing of the latest topics by the experts, it's also an opportunity to mingle and share stories (face-to-face) with fellow members who are also interested in personality typology and self-development.

Location guide, please go to one of the 3 PDF files:


  • Round-table introduction of the members present
  • Sharing by the host, Tuan Le, on the history of the MBTI and general guide for type & ego development
  • Sharing by veteran guest speaker, Ching, on the overview and importance of understanding the Jungian cognitive functions
  • Q&A and sharing among members

We work hard to make the physical event free for our members if there are enough people. Yet, the number of participants will be limited due to space restriction. So please RSVP early if you can make it on Saturday 3 Dec evening, to reserve a seat and make this event happen!

Tuan Le
TypeCoach (MBTI) Certified

Enneagram: Exercise for Type Development & Introspection

Link visible for attendees

Hello! This is a follow-up from the previous meet-up on Enneagram Fundamentals. New people can join as well, as long as you know your Enneagram type.

As we move beyond the basic, it's time to get down to the work of type development. It involves committing to a daily habit of slowing down, reflecting and jotting down your thoughts, noticing your mental habits and biases & reshaping...

For this session, I will do a recap on the 9 type's passions, pain points, principles for growth and walk everyone one through key exercises for self-introspection & sharing to uncover deeper personal insights.

Tuan Le

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Enneagram Crash Course: The wisdom of Enneagram

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