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Welcome to the Shanti L.I.FE. + Honoring Our Experience Programs outing, activity and event Meetup page! Here you will find all of our upcoming events, including information about Honoring Our Experience and L.I.F.E. Goes On. We'll be updating this page often, so don't forget to check back to see what is coming up!

This Meetup group is open to the entire HIV community, including long-term survivors of HIV, those who have been newly infected and the HIV negative folks that are part of our lives. The Shanti L.I.F.E. Program is based in San Francisco, CA, so all activites will take place in and around the Bay Area.

The Shanti L.I.F.E. Program hosts activities, workshops and retreats for the HIV community. You will find information about our upcoming L.I.F.E. Health Workshops, Honoring Our Experience retreats, L.I.F.E. Goes On outings and more!

Upcoming events (4+)

6pm! WORLD AIDS DAY-‘REVIVAL’ Honoring Our Experience Hank Trout Page Hodel RSVP

Episcopal Church of St John The Evangelist In San Francisco

. We will have a program that honors the losses of our loved ones and celebrates the resilience and beauty of our community! And we have a community dinner and dancing!
Our community writer/ poet Hank Trout says “We used to dance to forget … now we dance to remember!”
DJ Page Hodel

HOE love+support+plan mtg. Need new things. Liliana wants an immigrant panel mtg

OK Folks. Sooooo it seems like we may have a few weeks/months before things change soooo let's plan some JOY to look forward to SOONER THAN LATER! :-))
Variety of Storytelling Panels- we act as witnesses of one another
Immigrant Asylee Panel LatinX Community
Trans Panel Sharing Night
BIPOC Panel Story Shares.....and more!

One Day or Weekend Retreat...remember how great it was last year??

Comedy or Drag Evening

Honoring Our Experience love+support+planning meeting is a chance to connect and check in with one another from our community. We do a bit of sharing then we do work! Brainstorming ideas, planning these events, scheduling events and getting the word out! We usually go for 1 1/2 to 2 hours. https://us02web.zoom.us/j/9601150879

Women's Voices- uplifting & supportive group for poz women everywhere! Weekly!

Welcoming positive women from around the country! (the magic of Zoom). Our team of amazing women Hazel Betsey, Wanda Brendle Moss, Ginger Washburn welcome all to an intimate, supportive, sometimes playful gathering of HIV+ women.

Creative Writing Workshop, Honoring Our Experience (Everyone is a writer! )

An Evening of Creativity, Sharing and Writing...ALL are welcome. This is a great mix of folks who are thoughtful, fun and welcoming. Some are developing their own writers projects and some just want a sweet evening with others. Contact Gregg with any questions!
Each week is new...new themes, facilitators and prompts!

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