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What we’re about

The Hiking Hikers Hiking Group (“3H”), established in 2006, is one of the oldest outdoor activities groups in the Valley of the Sun. 3H is proud of the many hiking and other outdoor activity meetup groups that have been spun off from its original meetup model. 3H seeks, through its members and member volunteers, to provide a supportive, nurturing environment for people to enjoy and explore the outdoors; increase awareness of and protect beautiful wild places; and promote physical conditioning and encourage personal growth.
3H encourages its members, comprised of singles, committed couples and married couples from the early twenties to the late seventies and beyond, to be well-prepared for each event attended by taking personal responsibility for their own safety and educating themselves on the skills and knowledge needed to be safe in the many places near and far that this group visits.
Education, common sense, respect for others and the willingness to help, by all of us, provides a fun, safe, and positive experience for everyone.
Space here is limited, but lots more helpful 3H information can be found once you join at this link:

PLEASE NOTE: A dollar here, a dollar there, goes a long way. Everything at 3H is voluntary. If you would like to help support 3H, Paypal or Venmo contributions to defray meetup expenses may be made at any time to (Last 4 digits of phone 7923). All money raised will be used expressly for that purpose, and we will, from time to time, turn off this feature as we reach our reserve support goals. Thank you for your assistance in keeping 3H the great hiking community that it is!

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