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Gringo Strays Thanksgiving Dinner in Tijuana
Living in Mexico often makes Thanksgiving Dinner a problem… as does living far from family. For several years we've done a meetup for those in this area who like to celebrate thankfulness but have nowhere locally to go. We've done it mostly in traditional Mexican restaurants like Remedios, and can continue that. If everybody wants turkey, that can work, too: places like Sanborns, Caesars and TGI Friday offer it, but are higher-priced and don't always know how to cook a damned turkey right. It's not a holiday in TJ, so after lunch we can circulate where people want to visit, such as Revolucion Avenue, a cheap movie, coffee and dessert in any of several places that specialize in that, like Praga or Polanco. We could also go to the Telefonica food court. We can meet at Baristi and choose where we want to go. Barisiti is a coffee/wine house at Fourth and Revolucion. VERY easy to get to, even for newbies, choice of indoor or outdoor seating. From there we are in easy reach of some great dining.

Cafe Baristi Revolucion

Calle Salvador Díaz Mirón 4ta. 8188, Zona Centro · Tijuana

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