• Tokyo FinTech Meetup #60 - FinTech Venture Capital


    An evening with MUFG Innovation Partners & Santander InnoVentures! MUFG Innovation Partners was established as a corporate venture capital of the MUFG group and is responsible for the MUFG’s open innovation strategy to accelerate partnerships between startups and MUFG, and strategic investments in startups. We have previously covered the establishment of MUIP, so please take a look here: https://medium.com/tokyo-fintech/mufg-innovation-partners-9b74b49631dd or here: https://medium.com/tokyo-fintech/mufg-innovation-partners-investment-tracker-ac7f91177f93 President & Chief Executive Officer Nobutake Suzuki started his career with Sanwa Bank, one of the predecessor organizations to MUFG, before spending more than 15 years as a Partner of venture capitalist firm Global Brains, where he led an early investment into Origami in 2013, for example. Suzuki-san re-joined MUFG in July 2018 as Head of the Corporate Planning and Digital Transformation Divisions, and was appointed President & CEO of MUIP with its formation in January 2019. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Santander InnoVentures is Banco Santander's $200m corporate venture arm, investing in fintech startups globally, across all stages, and help create meaningful, strategic relationships between the portfolio companies and Santander Group. The Santander InnoVentures portfolio includes companies like iZettle, MyCheck, CYNGN, Ripple, Kabbage, Digital Asset Holdings, Elliptic, SigFig, Socure, Tradeshift, PayKey, Gridspace, Pixoneye, Curve, Payjoy, ePesos, Visible Alpha, Roostify, Autofi and Creditas. Manuel Silva Martinez Manuel is a Partner at Santander InnoVentures and oversees the investment team and sourcing and execution of new investments. Before joining Santander in 2015, Manuel was the founding member of BBVA Ventures out of San Francisco, which he started after spending 5 years at BBVA in Corporate Development and Innovation functions. Manuel holds a B.A. in Business Administration from CUNEF (Madrid), an MPhil in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from Sciences Po (Paris) and has conducted doctoral level research on Chinese Economics at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Manuel lives in London but spends substantial time in San Francisco and Latin America. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please follow us! LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/tokyofintech/ Facebook https://www.facebook.com/tokyofintech/ Medium https://medium.com/tokyo-fintech

  • Broader Horizons - Space with Astroscale & Celestialdata


    "Broader Horizons" is our new sub-series within Tokyo FinTech for topics that we find fascinating and want to learn more about, but that are.....well, not FinTech. So why not reach for the stars and start with SPACE? Astroscale is one of the few companies in the world proposing to aid in the removal of orbital debris through the provision of End of Life (EOL) and Active Debris Removal (ADR) services. In addition to providing a technical solution, Astroscale is helping to define the business case for this service and are working with national space agencies, international institutions, non-profit organizations, insurance companies and satellite operators to develop norms, regulations and incentives that contribute to the responsible use of space. http://www.astroscale.com/ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Human kind has been exploring space for decades, conducting a number of experiments and have accumulated petabytes of data. What are we doing to unlock the value to advance the earth business? Celestialdata.io is providing the solution to democratize all space data to allow any industries to benefit from what space missions have achieved to help advance their products and solutions. Come and find out what you can discover - outerspace experiments are not just for specific scientists! http://www.celestialdata.io/ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please follow us! LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/tokyofintech/ Facebook https://www.facebook.com/tokyofintech/ Medium https://medium.com/tokyo-fintech

  • Tokyo FinTech Meetup #61 - FutureProof: The Coming Age of Proof-of-Stake

    With Ethereum’s impending switch to Proof of Stake (PoS) , staking is expected to take a most substantial portion of the market’s attention. There are already several PoS protocols in the market, such as Cardano and EOS. At this meetup, we will discuss the difference between Proof of Work (PoW) and Proof of Stake (PoS), why there is a strong movement towards PoS, and share some experience from stakers. Agenda - Introduction to Proof-of-Stake - The Ethereum 2.0 Roadmap - Cardano & how Emurgo drives its commercialization - EOS & a Milestone Based Issuance (MBI) for utility tokens - Panel discussion --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Speaker Profiles Yosuke Yoshida is the CEO of EMURGO Japan. After graduating from the Keio University Faculty of Economics, he joined Marubeni Corporation, a major trading. Over 15 years, he has worked in various roles, mainly in Southeast Asia, including as a project development manager, international bidding project manager, and business investment manager. Currently, as EMURGO Japan Representative Director, he is leading the blockchain industry in the consulting field. Jeff Wentworth is Co-Founder of Curvegrid, a blockchain tooling startup that has developed the MultiBaaS blockchain application server to make it faster and easier to build a decentralized application (DApp) on the Ethereum and OmiseGO blockchain platforms. Previously, Jeff spent six years at Goldman Sachs as a Vice President and global product owner of block and object storage. Prior to that, Jeff was a technology consultant and customer engineer at EMC. He graduated from the University of Waterloo with a degree in Computer Engineering. Gavin Leslie is the Founder of GSL, a blockchain financial services platform, that has three unique but complementary functions. These functions include Investment Mangement, Capital Markets as well as M&A services. The MBI framework allows for the incremental release of funds and associated utility tokens that increases investor protection, gradually introduces the secondary market for utility tokens and mitigates “pump and dumps”, stops ICO exit scams, and encourages a lean and agile approach to enterprise or project growth. Norbert Gehrke is a General Partner at FINMIRAI, Founder & Representative Director of Tokyo FinTech, and an advisor to several FinTech companies, including Advanced Blockchain AG, asvin GmbH & Tontine Trust. As a former Goldman Sachs and Barclays Managing Director in Technology, Norbert is passionate about the work of leading critical enterprise-wide, cross-functional initiatives from strategy through technology implementation that transform organizations and innovate by applying leading technology and exploiting data. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please follow us! LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/tokyofintech/ Facebook https://www.facebook.com/tokyofintech/ Medium https://medium.com/tokyo-fintech

  • Tokyo FinTech Meetup #62 - Asset Management

    Spaces - Tokyo, Spaces Shinagawa

    Most likely our last meetup for 2019, we will focus on Asset Management with Sapiat and Beacon Platform. Sapiat is an early stage FinTech startup that delivers advanced investment intelligence solutions for multi-horizon, multi-asset class portfolios. Sapiat’s data solutions, analytic tools, and dashboards deliver portfolio insights into scenarios, performance, and risk by bringing together the latest advances in machine intelligence with well-seasoned models. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Beacon is the first platform on the market that delivers the architectural model of investment bank systems like SecDB at Goldman Sachs, Athena at JPMorgan, and Quartz at Bank of America Merrill Lynch to a broad enterprise audience. Beacon delivers an integrated data and financial analytics platform where quants and developers can write and test their code, run their analytics in production, access elastic compute, and build and deploy applications. All transparently tied into the power of cloud computing to reduce fixed infrastructure costs and rent compute only when you need it. The Beacon platform transforms the traditional 'buy-vs-build'​ problem into a 'buy-and-build-on-top-of'​ solution. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please follow us! LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/tokyofintech/ Facebook https://www.facebook.com/tokyofintech/ Medium https://medium.com/tokyo-fintech