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Meet other local women who are interested in the topic of Feminism. Discuss current issues, such as equal rights, politics, and standing up for what you believe in!

Largest Feminism groups


Philosophy For All London

9,425 Philosophers | London,
Photo of Philosophy For All LondonOrganized by Andrew Dodsworth

Metro DC Democratic Socialists of America (MDC DSA)

5,262 Democratic Socialists | Washington,
MDOrganized by Gabriel
Socialist Night School, white text., blue text. Background: a dark night sky with stars, with a red moon in the sky. A red school house with the Metro DC DSA logo on it.
Black banner with white text reading "Metro DC DSA." Six red roses surround the text.

London Philosophy Collective

4,662 Members | London,
Photo of London Philosophy CollectiveOrganized by Joel

The Female Gaze

Photo of The Female GazeOrganized by Isobel

London Feminist Books Group

Photo of London Feminist Books GroupOrganized by Isobel

Allies for Self Empowerment (Dr. Joe Dispenza and others)

2,582 People | Washington,
Photo of Allies for Self Empowerment (Dr. Joe Dispenza and others)Organized by DC Community Builders
The food was deeelicious!!
Great minds uniting...
Good times

DC Feminist Book Club

2,258 Readers & Rioters | Washington,
Photo of DC Feminist Book ClubOrganized by JB
Vanguard by Martha Jones
WWHBSUS by K. R. Ghodsee
Girl, Woman, Other by B. Evaristo