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Meet other local people interested in Web Accessibility: share experiences, inspire and encourage each other! Join a Web Accessibility group.
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Largest Web Accessibility groups


Orange County User Experience

3,318 UXers | Irvine,
Photo of Orange County User ExperienceOrganized by Rhett Kuseski - Humanist

Accessibility London

3,039 A11y Allies | London,
Photo of Accessibility LondonOrganized by Andy Ronksley

Chicago Digital Accessibility and Inclusive Design

2,904 Digital Accessibility Enablers | Chicago,
Photo of Chicago Digital Accessibility and Inclusive DesignOrganized by Nick Ng
Text: Tori Clark, Accessibility Leader. Agile is Ableist. Picture: Tori is in a dark blue t-shirt with the word "Accessibility" written above a simplified Vitruvian Man icon with a background of purple flowers and trees.

t12t - Stockholm

2,565 Members | Stockholm,
Photo of t12t - StockholmOrganized by Ida Franceen
t12t och Knowit Experience logotyper
Malmö & online - 30 november 2023 - AccessibleEU - T12T - European Commission

Seattle Area Accessibility & Inclusive Design

1,783 A11ysea Members | Seattle,
Photo of Seattle Area Accessibility & Inclusive DesignOrganized by Devon Persing

Austin Accessibility and Inclusive Design

1,414 A11ys | Austin,
Photo of Austin Accessibility and Inclusive DesignOrganized by Jackie Adam
Outdoor seating area where we plan to sit and hangout for the meetup.
Meanwhile Brewing

San Diego Accessibility & Inclusive Design

1,011 Members | San Diego,
Photo of San Diego Accessibility & Inclusive DesignOrganized by Harris Schneiderman
Red Door Interactive building
presentation area
presentation area seating

A11y Meetup Berlin

969 Members | Berlin,
Photo of A11y Meetup BerlinOrganized by Maja

Canberra Web Accessibility & Inclusive Design

631 Accessibility advocates | Canberra,
Photo of Canberra Web Accessibility & Inclusive DesignOrganized by Bri

Stories of The Web

604 Members | Bucharest,
Photo of Stories of The WebOrganized by Aleodor Tabarcea