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ATTENTION: Please read and act to help save Lake Crabtree County Park:

To learn about the situation and find out how to help, check here: http://rduforest.com/

TORC's official statement and position regarding LCCP and the surrounding Old Reedy Creek (ORC) green space:

http://www.meetup.com/torc-nc/messages/boar... (http://www.meetup.com/torc-nc/messages/boards/thread/50020751/)

Promoting – Building – Maintaining

Triangle Off-Road Cyclists (TORC) is a nonprofit volunteer organization (501) (C) (3) dedicated to safeguarding the future of mountain biking in the Triangle area of North Carolina through the promotion of responsible riding, establishment and maintenance of mountain biking trails, and preservation of North Carolina’s natural resources.

TORC is the Triangle area chapter of Southern Off-Road Bicycle Association (SORBA) and was founded in August 2005. Prior to TORC’s formation, the Triangle’s mountain bike community had been served by individual mountain bike clubs whose focus was limited to a specific trail network. TORC was formed to unify the region’s smaller clubs into a stronger voice for local mountain bikers.

***Today, TORC is over 750 members strong and growing! Thank you for those that have joined. TORC is becoming a stronger and stronger influence within the Triangle NC area. The bigger our numbers and the larger pool of leaders and volunteers to draw from, directly means more success in our area for more trails and happier land managers/owners. Please look at the big picture for our local mountain bike advocacy efforts and join and volunteer to help. David Houskeeper, President of TORC***

If you haven’t already joined, for as little as $39 a year you could be a member of TORC, SORBA and the International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA). Visit www.torc-nc.org.


An important part of promoting the sport of mountain biking is extending a welcome to everybody who is enthusiastic and interested in the sport. We offer rides, clinics, and events to accommodate people with all skill levels and the advancement of off-road cycling throughout the Triangle.


We schedule trail workdays throughout the year to build new trail or maintain existing singletrack. Check our events calendar and volunteer at a trail near you! Trail workdays are essential events for TORC and the local mountain biking community at large. They ensure new trail gets built, existing trail remains sustainable, and that we maintain strong relationships with local public and private land managers.


The TORC local chapter of the IMBA Mountain Bike Patrol exists to help maintain safe trails and provide assistance to local mountain bikers.



Volunteer patrollers ride local trails and report trail hazards and other unwanted obstacles. They assist with injured or distressed trail users and interact with other riders, land managers, and emergency care personnel. The TORC Mountain Bike Patrol follows the rules and regulations outlined by IMBA.


TORC’s races are a great way to meet other local mountain bikers and compete. TORC holds several races per year. Each race usually has multiple categories, so that you can compete with others at your skill level as individuals or as a team.


New trail development (and maintenance of existing trails) is important to the preservation of open space and encourages a healthy lifestyle for bikers of all ages. As dedicated stewards of the environment, TORC employs the International Mountain Biking Association’s (IMBA) trail-building best practices.


TORC has built strong relationships with Park and Recreation Departments in Wake, Durham, and Orange counties. We also have working relationships with private land developers. These partnerships provide local mountain bikers with opportunities for trail access while protecting the future of existing trails.

TORC holds local group rides nearly year-round throughout the various trails for all different skills levels, with beginner rides being some of our most popular. These rides allow participants to meet new people, learn new skills and trail systems, and have fun. Keep an eye on our event calendar - visit http://www.meetup.com/torc-nc#calendar .

Search for “Triangle Off-Road Cyclists” and connect with other local mountain bikers on https://www.facebook.com/pages/Triangle-Off-Road-Cyclist-TORC/179388852095254. (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Triangle-Off-Road-Cyclist-TORC/179388852095254)


Help us continue to promote, build, and maintain mountain biking in the Triangle. Contact us at www.torc-nc.org.

President: Sarwat Khattak

Vice President: Beth Harrelson

Treasurer: Laura Neely

Executive Secretary: Heather Bailiff

Upcoming events (5+)

Trail Workday at Briar Chapel

16 Windy Knoll Cir

We've pinned and flagged a re-route around one of the wettest spots on Herndon Loop. So lets get going on finalizing the trail corridor, clearing the ground cover and start benching in new trail. The new section should keep us high and dry away from where water has been pooling on the existing section of trail. This should help get the trail open sooner and not turn into a mud bog anymore. Please wear sturdy shoes and long pants. All you should need to bring is water and work gloves. Tools will be provided. Meet at the Catullo Run gravel parking lot.

Intermediate/Advanced San Lee Ride

San-Lee Park

Let's travel south and enjoy some Lee County trails. Trails are a bit more advanced than those in the Triangle so this should not be your first mountain bike ride. Meet time: 11:45am Ride starts at: High Noon Location: SanLee Park, 572 Pumping Station Road, Sanford NC Ride Details: I will lead a casual paced (6-9mph) ride around this fun set of trails. You're welcome to go faster or slower, but this will not be a "no-drop" ride. I will provide route suggestions and guidance at the start if needed. Trail description: Trails are moderate to difficult with rocky sections in a few spots. Smooth flowy trails with steeper up hill and down hill grades. All features have ride-arounds. There are also gravity sections for you to practice your air skills. You MUST wear a helmet. We recommend bringing a water bottle/hydration pack and wearing bike gloves also. Please make sure your bike is in good working order. If you love mountain biking and care about the environment, you belong with IMBA. That's because supporting IMBA is the most effective way for you to build, maintain and open the trails you love to ride. Please consider joining the TORC chapter of IMBA, part of your membership fee goes back to TORC to finance trail maintenance and trail building. You can sign up as an individual basic membership for $39. IMBA membership will help represent our dirt loving interests in the Triangle: http://torc-nc.org/support-torc/

Medoc Mountain Ride

1541 Medoc State Park Rd

Join Lake Gaston Outfitters at Medoc Mountain for a Sunday afternoon riding the 9.6 miles of flowing trails at Medoc Mountain State park. Meet at the Visitors Center (not the pavilion or campground area). Trailhead is across the road. Totally rideable for beginners. Totally fun for experts.... great trail system for all skill levels. Mountain bike and helmet required. Gloves, water bottle/pack, mini-tool, spare tube, and pump/CO2 highly recommended. Bring a snack or some lunch if ya want then maybe take a second lap! There is no food/drinks anywhere near Medoc Moutain trails. Directions to the trail from RDU (please use this link and edit your starting location. The actual address comes up wrong in google maps every time. https://www.google.com/maps/dir/RDU+Terminal+1,+John+Brantley+Boulevard,+Morrisville,+NC/36.263512,-77.888049/@36.2647769,-77.9064504,15.25z/data=!4m8!4m7!1m5!1m1!1s0x89acf0f977ef1791:0x7ba6843315980d8c!2m2!1d-78.7901808!2d35.8741339!1m0 MY PHONE NUMBER IS[masked]. Please let me know if you are running late or need help finding the place. Anyone who wishes to meet me at the Sheetz in Nashville just off of highway 64 and follow is welcome to. Let me know if you would like to do that so I can plan the time.

Monday Funday Begintermediate Ride at RTP

NetApp Sand Courts (RTPVL South)

Meet at 6:00pm and ride by 6:15pm Begintermediates: you've been riding about a year, can ride 8-10 miles of single track with a few breaks, and are comfortable non-paved/off road surfaces. Distance: 5-10 miles Time Riding: 1-2 hours What to bring: Your bike in good working order Your helmet Minimum 300 lumen light, recommend 2 lights Water and snacks if you get hungry while riding Gloves, pack, mini-tool, spare tube, pump/CO2, and first aid kit are recommended The terrain at RTP is similar to Lake Crabtree but more challenging. We will do one full loop of the trails (about 5 miles) starting with all left turns. After returning to the parking lot, we will do at least another loop. If you arrive later, we can pick you up in the parking lot for the second loop. RTP Trail Info: http://www.trianglemtb.com/othertrails.php#rtp (http://www.trianglemtb.com/othertrails.php#rtp) After the ride, we'll head to The Glass Jug Beer Lab to enjoy some of their beers at half price! If you kick the keg, you get a prize from their brewery swag bag. 5410 Hwy 55, Suite V Durham, NC 27713 (919)[masked] Join TORC: 92% of our funds go towards building and maintaining local trails. Join or support TORC today: http://torc-nc.org/support-torc/

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