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ATTENTION: Please read and act to help preserve RDUforest:

To learn about the situation and find out how to help, check here: http://rduforest.com/

TORC's official statement and position regarding LCCP and the surrounding Old Reedy Creek (ORC) green space:

http://www.meetup.com/torc-nc/messages/boar... (http://www.meetup.com/torc-nc/messages/boards/thread/50020751/)

Promoting – Building – Maintaining

Triangle Off-Road Cyclists (TORC) is a nonprofit volunteer organization (501) (C) (3) dedicated to safeguarding the future of mountain biking in the Triangle area of North Carolina through the promotion of responsible riding, establishment and maintenance of mountain biking trails, and preservation of North Carolina’s natural resources.

TORC is the Triangle area chapter of Southern Off-Road Bicycle Association (SORBA) and was founded in August 2005. Prior to TORC’s formation, the Triangle’s mountain bike community had been served by individual mountain bike clubs whose focus was limited to a specific trail network. TORC was formed to unify the region’s smaller clubs into a stronger voice for local mountain bikers.

***Today, TORC is over 750 members strong and growing! Thank you for those that have joined. TORC is becoming a stronger and stronger influence within the Triangle NC area. The bigger our numbers and the larger pool of leaders and volunteers to draw from, directly means more success in our area for more trails and happier land managers/owners. Please look at the big picture for our local mountain bike advocacy efforts and join and volunteer to help.

If you haven’t already joined, for as little as $39 a year you could be a member of TORC, SORBA and the International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA). Visit www.torc-nc.org.


An important part of promoting the sport of mountain biking is extending a welcome to everybody who is enthusiastic and interested in the sport. We offer rides, clinics, and events to accommodate people with all skill levels and the advancement of off-road cycling throughout the Triangle.


We schedule trail workdays throughout the year to build new trail or maintain existing singletrack. Check our events calendar and volunteer at a trail near you! Trail workdays are essential events for TORC and the local mountain biking community at large. They ensure new trail gets built, existing trail remains sustainable, and that we maintain strong relationships with local public and private land managers.



TORC’s races are a great way to meet other local mountain bikers and compete. TORC holds several races per year. Each race usually has multiple categories, so that you can compete with others at your skill level as individuals or as a team.


New trail development (and maintenance of existing trails) is important to the preservation of open space and encourages a healthy lifestyle for bikers of all ages. As dedicated stewards of the environment, TORC employs the International Mountain Biking Association’s (IMBA) trail-building best practices.


TORC has built strong relationships with Park and Recreation Departments in Wake, Durham, and Orange counties. We also have working relationships with private land developers. These partnerships provide local mountain bikers with opportunities for trail access while protecting the future of existing trails.

TORC holds local group rides nearly year-round throughout the various trails for all different skills levels, with beginner rides being some of our most popular. These rides allow participants to meet new people, learn new skills and trail systems, and have fun. Keep an eye on our event calendar - visit http://www.meetup.com/torc-nc#calendar .

Search for “Triangle Off-Road Cyclists” and connect with other local mountain bikers on https://www.facebook.com/pages/Triangle-Off-Road-Cyclist-TORC/179388852095254. (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Triangle-Off-Road-Cyclist-TORC/179388852095254)


Help us continue to promote, build, and maintain mountain biking in the Triangle. Contact us at info@torc-nc.org or check out our website http://www.torc-nc.org for more information!

Upcoming events (5)

Carolina North Forest group ride

Carolina North Forest

CNF all skills group ride

Waiver and covid transmission precautions:

Keep safe distances please! During our initial grouping before the ride, please space out the recommended 6+' and/or wear a mask.

During the ride, space out from the rider in front of you. No snot rockets ;) and if you feel you are about to sneeze, pull off to the side of the trail away from people around you.

No drop ride. We will divide up into groups depending on the size and abilities of the riders.

Meet time: 5:15
Ride time: 5:30
Distance: 7-8 and up to 15 miles
Location: Carolina North Forest Municipal Drive gravel parking area.

Parking: Meet on the AIRPORT side of CNF. The address given is for the Carolina North Land and Management Office. When GPS says you have reached your destination, keep going past the office onto the dirt road. Parking is to the right about 1/4 mile down the road.

What to bring:
Bike in good working order

About TORC

Did you know that being part of the TORC Meetup group is not membership in TORC. To become a member simply go to this link http://torc-nc.org/support-torc/ on the TORC website and look for the red button. An individual basic membership is only $39 and you will receive both a membership with TORC and a membership with IMBA. This fee helps to finance trail building and maintenance, and rewards you with discounts on TORC races and at many of the local bike shops. Membership means leverage, so please join us in representing our dirt-loving interests in the triangle.

Forest Ridge Mountain Bike Trail Group Ride

Forest Ridge Park

6:30pm Mountain Bike Group Ride, all levels. Meet at the round about next to the jungle gym at 6:20pm for trail talk and ride at 6:30pm. Ride length depends on light conditions. Look at Trianglemtb.com for trail open/closures for the ride.

2021 Season waiver: https://www.webscorer.com/register?raceid=237615

Please consider joining the TORC, we are a 501c3 org and part of your membership fee goes back to TORC to finance trail maintenance and trail building. You can sign up as an individual basic membership for $39. Membership will help represent our dirt loving interests in the Triangle: https://www.torc-nc.org/join-torc/

Friday Group Ride @ Crabtree

Old Reddy Creek Parking Lot

Lake Crabtree every Friday after work, depending on trail conditions. Check trianglemtb.com for current trail status

Just looking to have fun on the bikes so all skill levels are welcome. Aim for intermediate pace but happy to adjust to make it fun for everyone that comes out. Beers at Rally Point afterwards.

Meet time: 5:15
Ride time: 5:30
Distance: 10 miles
Location: Lake Crabtree County Park

What to bring:
Bike in good working order

We will meet at the Old Reddy Creek Road parking lot. I drive a gray Jeep Gladiator, wear a loud jersey and ride a red and black Trek Fuel EX.

2021 Season waiver: https://www.webscorer.com/register?raceid=237615

Please consider joining the TORC, we are a 501c3 org and part of your membership fee goes back to TORC to finance trail maintenance and trail building. You can sign up as an individual basic membership for $39. Membership will help represent our dirt loving interests in the Triangle: https://www.torc-nc.org/join-torc/

Brumley Forest workday - April #3

Brumley Nature Preserve Northern Part

Continued momentum to get additional trail on the ground! The new trail will remove a flow-killing hairpin turn and add around a mile of fresh dirt.

For safety, we are limited to 10 people per Meet-up (there is a second event for the same day but different section of trail) and will be maintaining 8-10 feet social distance as per TLC's requirements. DON'T FORGET TO BRING YOUR OWN MASK!

Trail work starts at:

We'll meet at the maintenance shed on the dirt road off of Hwy 10.

Duration of work day:
No more than 3 hours

Type of work:
• Corridor clearing
• Scraping off the topsoil to get down to the mineral soil
• After getting to the mineral soil, narrowing the work area to a standard trail size.

Tools will be provided.

What to bring:
Sturdy shoes or boots, gloves, appropriate clothing, and water. Oh, and a mask for social distancing!

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Harris Lake Group Ride

Harris Lake County Park

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