Canceled Meetup

Weekly MTB Ride at Harris Lake - ALL SKILLS


Let's go mountain bike Harris Lake! This will be an intermediate skills ride. We will separate into groups depending on the average speeds of the participants. Please post your average speed (be honest) in your comments when you RSVP. This will help us figure out how best to separate into groups. If anyone is willing to possibly lead a group please let me know that as well in your comments.

Trail rating: Beginner-Advanced
Estimated distance: 8-12 miles
Estimated time: 1.5-2 hours

We will spend some extra time in the black diamond section, say 15-20 minutes, which will allow riders to pick the routes of their choice through this area. There are about six different ways you can go through this section and if you reverse the direction it gives you even more options.

Helmets are mandatory. Bring plenty of water. Check the trail status on or call the Park Office at (919) 387-4342 before leaving. Please be ready to ride at 5:45 PM.

Harris Lake Trail Description from Like Lake Crabtree Park, Harris Lake's mountain bike trails are close to a lake, made up of several loops that connect to a main trail, and are managed by Wake County Parks. The breeze coming across the water can be quite refreshing on a hot summer day! The major loops here are signed as "beginner", "intermediate" and "advanced", and can be enjoyed by all skill levels. A few optional "double black diamond" loops have been added near the advanced section. This trail has something for everyone, from the "just got my first off-road bike" beginner to the more seasoned rider, and all obstacles have optional ride-arounds so that beginners and veterans can enjoy the trails together. In short, this is just a good set of single-track trails. Currently there is approximately 8 miles of bicycling trails.