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Tri-State Freethinkers is a social, academic, and activist group for those in Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana. At our monthly meetings we learn from local experts and organizations about the science of our world, experiences of those from different backgrounds, and causes that could use our help. We provide many volunteer opportunities for our members to be active in the community and have recently been recognized by the Foundation Beyond Belief for our work. We actively seek out civil rights violations, church state violations, and ways to combat them at the local and national levels.

Want to help support Tri-State Freethinkers? Consider paying member dues for Tri-State Freethinkers at ourwebsite: http://www.tri-statefreethinkers.com/support-us/ . Membership dues provide the resources to cover Meetup costs, costs for educational meetings, community service projects, and support activism for separation of church & state.

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Protest the Ark Encounter: 5th Anniversary live online!

We are protesting the Ark Encounter again. Due to safety reasons of Covid 19 and keeping our members and guests safe we will be hosting the Ark Protest live this year online. It's our 5th Anniversary to Protest their Grand Opening! Please join us for this annual event, a day of fun, networking, and great speakers. We have many updates to announce so please keep checking meet up and our Facebook page Coming to you through live virtual streaming this year 1pm-3pm SPEAKERS: Eric Murphy Talk Heathen Emcee Mandisa Thomas Founder/President of Black Nonbelievers Inc Thomas Westbrook From Holy Koolaid Vi la bianca Kelly Helton The Tri-State Freethinkers Equal Rights Advocate Aron Ra Detryck Von Doom Co Founder/organizer of Satanic Louisville Paulogia Ham & Aig News Noah Lugeons of The Scathing Atheist Reasons to Protest - They discriminate on their hiring practices. No LGBTQ, no Atheists, no Catholics, no Jews. - They make you sign a vow of chastity if you are single. - It is Anti- Science: They claim the earth is 6,000 years old, the grand canyon was formed in 40 days, and that genocide and incest are okay. - They will receive up to 18 million in state tax incentives. - 75% of their real estate tax goes to paying back their loan. - Employees in the area have to pay 2% of their paychecks to pay back their loan. We hope you will join us from the comfort of your home! And we hope to see everyone in person in 2021 for the next protest! Stay Safe Link for event https://youtu.be/O2QifYMFqfM Support Us Become a member at http://www.tristatefreethinkers.com/support-tri-state-freethinkers/membership/

Adopt A Hwy Near Creation Museum

Near Creation Museum

Three of the signs have been vandalized. We will need to re-check our repainting efforts. This is our 5th year in cleaning the highway near the Creation Museum. We thought it was a clever way to protest the Creation Museum & at the same time do a good thing for the environment. When you get off the Petersburg Rd exit, turn right and you can park on the shoulder immediately off the exit. I recommend bringing gloves & water. We will bring the rest.

Fossil Hunt

Trammel Fossil Park

Collect your fill of fossils and learn about the bedrock in the Cincinnati area at the Trammel Fossil Park. Come and see what creatures lived millions of years ago. The park is free to enter and search the grounds best part is you can keep what you find. Come join us on this adventure, who knows what you may find. Please keep a safe distance from others at this event and the wearing of a mask and PPE is recommended.

Monthly Meeting: TBD

668 W 5th St

This is our monthly educational meeting for the Tri-State Freethinkers. Details :TBD

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