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What we’re about

Tvoa is for ACTIVE hikers looking for local so cal events. If you are just browsing meetup and not currently a hiker this group is not for you .........Please read the posts completely and carefully consider the requirements and your abilities. Failure to heed this could cause injury to you or other members. If you are a returning hiker please secure approval from your doctor before attending any events that involve physical exertion, high altitude, stamina or balance
For those of you new to Meet Up, it’s not necessary to RSVP “NO” to every event.
1. To join this group, PLEASE POST AND MAINTAIN A RECENT CLEAR REGOGNIZABLE PHOTOGRAPH OF ONLY YOURSELF IN YOUR PROFILE. This is for safety reasons to identify you in case you get lost or emergency.
2. All persons wishing to join TVOA must agree to host a minimum of one event per year you may cohost it with another member to fulfill this obligation. Sorry only two cohosts per hike to qualify. Other options to fulfill this requirement may be presented
3. by joining all members take full responsibility for their own actions and agree to adhere to the rules and regulations of any governmental agencies that exist written or otherwise; and further agree to holder harmless organizers and members of this meetup from any and all claims and liability in case of possible injuries as stated in paragraph 6.2 of the Meetup Terms of Service Agreement ( located at the bottom at the Meetup website.
3. No aliases please! You must have a real name on your profile. AN INTIAL FOR YOUR LAST NAME IS SUFFICIENT.
4. This is not a singles group. There is nothing wrong with meeting someone doing activities we share but the primary purpose of this group is enjoyment of the outdoors with others without having to deal with unwanted advances or behavior. Not everyone is looking for a date. Unwanted advances, inappropriate behavior or those found to have joined solely for the purpose of seeking relationships will result in immediate removal from the group.
5. The members hosts and organizers are not professional guides and are not qualified to offer medical attention. We are just friends inviting you to hike with us as friends. Temecula Valley outdoor adventures and hikers it's organizers and hosts are not liable for any accidents or injury incidental to participating in an event or the actions of other members on an event. Please read the event posting carefully and make sure you are able to complete it before signing up. While carpooling is good for the planet. This meetup does not provide, endorse, sponsor or take responsibility for any carpool arrangements pertaining to any event. Please use your good judgement when deciding whether or not to carpool with other participants of the meetup you are attending. When attending an event, you acknowledge that you are doing this at your own risk.
6. If you do not agree to the above terms and conditions, do not sign up for this group.