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Unity is the fastest growing game engine out there. And not only is it being used for game development, there are several examples of applications in advertising, medical, energy, architecture and education. We are a group passionate about the usage of Unity and we welcome new developers and artists as much as we do seasoned industry veterans.

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Game Jam
Needs a date and time

NNorth Dallas Coworking : nōd : "node"

Basic on the concept of the Global Game Jam, lets all get together at a location with internet access and coffee for 24 - 48 hours and write some games from start to finish. It would be a great way to gain some experience and foster community.

Regularly Scheduled Unity3D Dinner Meetups
Needs a date and time

NNorth Dallas Coworking : nōd : "node"

I'm a newly joined member but long-time lurker of the Unity3D group after finding it listed on Unity3d.com, and it seems that the group has been more than stagnant for quite a while (although that's changing). In addition to the large events like the Game Jam being planned, it might be beneficial to follow the lead of over groups and schedule more personal, informal meetups somewhere over dinner every two or three weeks to help build the core community as well as swap ideas, experiences, and maybe grumble over code that won't work right. Just a suggestion based on observations from a new member...

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Intro to C# Programming in Unity

The Lab.ms - Education Center

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