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Public transit has the potential to be awesome, moving us around our city quickly and easily. But sometimes it really sucks. Buses are never on time, routes can be unfamiliar, and connections are difficult. On the other hand, taxis are too expensive, hard to find and there is no easy way to share a ride with other users.

The latest evolutions in transportation provide enough data to plan and develop new mobile apps, where no operative intervention of dispatchers (or other external agents) is required. Local companies such as Uber, Lyft or Sidecar (among other ride and car sharing, and taxi apps -Hailo, TaxiMagic, Cabulous, MyTaxi) are opening a window into a new relationship between cars and passengers, bringing a closer and more immediate response to a much more personalized transportation.

Let's work together to imaging the future of urban mobility and use data/technology/design to make it real.

I'd like to build a community of transit nerds, developers and designers to contribute to the future of urban transportation and take it new directions so it can serve more riders in new and unexpected ways. I can't do it alone, so together let's drag public transit, paratransit and taxicab into the 21st century.

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