What we're about

Want to own and control the server side? Your digital identity, data and computation?

So do we — so we're building Urbit. We set this group up for anyone excited about this kind of stuff, even those who think we're totally crazy.

Come join us to talk about what the future of the internet might look like.

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Urbit Fireside Chat #1

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~wolref-podlex of the Urbit Foundation will be holding monthly “Fireside Chats” to share what’s going on at the Urbit Foundation and network more broadly, and take questions from the community. If you have a suggestion for a topic or already have a question in mind you can ask it here.

Urbit Outside ~2022.7.23 Alta Plaza Park

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Please join us for a park meetup (picnic optional!) at Alta Plaza Park in Pacific Heights, SF, on Saturday, 7/23. We'll meet at 1:00PM and stay as long as people want to chat. Bring a jacket and your choice of food/drink.
Interested friends and the Urbit-curious are always welcome!

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Urbit Outside ~2022.6.18 Alta Plaza Park

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