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We are writers, designers, UX enthusiasts, content strategists, language architects and anything in between. You are, too? Let’s chat!

We meet up regularly to discuss what is happening on the UX writing and content design front. We exchange best practices, collect feedback on specific problems and host workshops and talks. Possible topics might be how to create a content strategy, how to pitch UX writing and why our UX designs just aren't quite finished without that last, conversational touch to it.

To make sure anyone interested can join, we alternate our on-site events between Zurich and Bern. Currently, we're doing all events online (at least until end of 2021).

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Collaborative UX copywriting for better mobile experiences – Guthrie Watson

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UX copywriting is best done in a team – as Head of Design at Kinto Join, Guthrie has learned this first-hand. In this talk, Guthrie will dive into why the end product is always higher quality when worked on in teams. He'll also talk about how to best create a general collaborative writing spirit in your team and touch upon localizing experiences for an international audience.



Guthrie Watson, Head of Design at Kinto Join
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Virtual door opening will be at 19:00 Swiss time (CEST). We'll have a talk by Guthrie, followed by Q&A. Afterwards (ca. 20:00 or 20:30), we'll do one or two rounds of speed networking in breakout rooms for those who want to stick around.



We’re volunteer run, so we depend on sponsors and individual supporters to make these events happen. If you enjoy our events, you can buy us a virtual coffee on our KoFi page – or check out other ways of sponsoring us on our website.

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